Quicksilver Speed

Quicksilver Speed

I am practiced with the Internet, not a genius.

My eighty year old friends are beginners, not idiots.

Relearning one’s touches with one’s fingertips on a tablet is “light years” away from plunking on a steel typewriter.

At the Apple store, my knuckles struck a command

while my fingers selected a teeny icon

and the iPad rushed to comply with my errant knuckle.

My location disappeared, and I’m lost.

The fog descends.


I slump in my seat while the apple tutor explains what my knuckle did.

He resets the screen with a tiny tap in the precise spot needed.

I realize I need plenty of pointing at precise spots, with precise pressure, at precise angles, for precise duration.

All these touches can happen with my naked finger or a stylus, which doesn’t slide as easily as the finger.

No need to panic.

Between taps, I can take my time to discern the next command.

Discerning can be slow.

Then the iPad will speedily comply.

And I can once again discern the next path.

iPad speeds. etc etc

I’m caring. The tablets fast. What a team we are!

After I care, I share! With YOU!


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