You awake with a start!
What called you up? Vertical.
Blinking. Catching sight.

What pierced your ears?
Bells? Beeps? Roars?
Brutes closing in?

C A L M …
It pulses also while you sleep.
You are not D I R E C T O R …
But babe in arms.

Jeanne Poland

Waiting Room

Waiting Room

“Deedle dee da deedle”
Cell phone call.
Loud voice: “YO!”

“Buzz a fuzz a fuzza”
Cell phones hum.
High voice: “Eeeeks!”

Pandora soothes; Enya ears
Cell phone plugs
Block the din.

Can’t disturb, distract: turn
Off the crowd.
Let it go!
Jeanne Poland


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