No pressure


Ponds of Fox Hollow


I wanted to buy a week with the

Ponds of Fox Hollow,

not because of the boating in the pond

or the fishing

or the indoor heated pool and hot tub

or the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condos

or the opportunities for my grandchildren from Austerlitz to play in such beauty,

but for the camaraderie

that I could have

with all the silver haired members of the Board

who dedicate their service

for decades

with grace


I’ve Been Made

Photo on 2-26-16 at 1.38 PM

I’ve been maid
And I’ve been made.

I’ve been stayed
And I’ve been staid.

Some words God
will never speak.
(no matter how hard you listen)

Beauty can both
shout and whisper
(Still it says nothing)

You are you
and will always be you.
(made by Him)

“Some words God will never speak
no matter how hard you listen,”….

“Beauty can both shout and whisper.
Still it says nothing.
You are you and will always be you.”

Mary Oliver in Leaves and Blossoms Along the Way

I can comfort the broken hearted…

I will not bruise the tender reed...

I will not bruise the tender reed…

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me
I am anointed
to bring good news to the suffering and afflicted
comfort the broken hearted,
announce liberty to captives
open the eyes of the blind…
tell the mourning that God’s favor has come
bringing beauty, joy and praise!”
Isaiah 61:1-3

Toad vs Frog


“Plains Spadefoot Toad” by Tom Hennen

Toads are smarter than frogs.
Like all of us who are not good-looking they have to rely on their wits.
A woman around the beginning of the last century who was in love with frogs wrote a wonderful book on frogs and toads.
In it she says if you place a frog and a toad on a table they will both hop.
The toad will stop just at the table’s edge, but the frog with its smooth skin and pretty eyes will leap with all its beauty out into nothingness.
I tried it out on my kitchen table and it is true.
That may explain why toads live twice as long as frogs.
Frogs are better at romance though.
A pair of spring peepers were once observed whispering sweet nothings for thirty-four hours.
Not by me.
The toad and I have not moved.

“Plains Spadefoot Toad” by Tom Hennen, from Darkness Sticks to Everything.

Tribute to Therese Broderick

DoublePage Spread

Therese sent me her illustrated chap book. Above is a photo showing the delicate color scheme of blues, greens and pinks water colored and penciled excellently by Alan Casline. There are violet end-pages included and lovely dedications, acknowledgments, and Benevolent Bird Press listings. The classic style and graciousness of the work fired my enthusiasm for chapbooks. does an excellent job of showcasing my book designs. But my dynamic “off the page” designs are so opposite this delicate style. And I had to say how softly it settles me, and makes me slow down to savor every word written. I read them when they were posted and they caught my breath then. But now I can carry them with me like a toddler carts a “lovey blanket” on every exploration, every new adventure.

Thank you, Therese.

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