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This is my color rendering of Fibonacci's math formula

This is my color rendering of Fibonacci’s math formula

takes cat nap…
car sleeps in snow; won’t go!
Crawl to Grandma Nissan Tech!

This poem is a FIB, a modern western-style poem.

It follows Fibonacci’s sequence of 1-1-2-3-5-8.
Nov 29, 2014
@ Nissan in Kingston, NY

Have You Seen Don?

iPhone Hut

I’ve lost him.

I’ve searched with screams
Ear buds silence them.

I’ve cried.
Tears don’t penetrate titanium.

So much digital memory:
No room for me.

Cloud can’t carry me:
Emotion weighs too much!

I’m the foreigner:
Mobile vs Tradition,
Come and go vs staying,
Breathing vs battery.

I charge in sleep mode:
Discern TMI.

Don is definitely lost…
I am alone…under the cloud
Wondering where to go…

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