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Paint dabs pulsing life

bark, lichen, organic push

to eternity

We know each other


by scent-gesture-bark


foxy synchrony



lichen licks bark
like weather grows
cells proclaiming
our perennial sifting
of its elements.

Children Without TV #18 Hardy Immune System

The Pathway to Health

The Pathway to Health

Trees have bark: living
filter; we have dermis layer:
admits/dispels cells.

Pattern #24 Interweave

Palm Tree Blowing in the Wind Photo by Quenby

Palm Tree
Blowing in the Wind
Photo by Quenby

palm tree weaves its bark
as shelter from tsunami
parasite and foe

Tongue Twister #36 Distance 7

Fawn to Doe

Tame to wild
Held to lift
Small to tall
Slow to swift.

Milk to bark
Bleat to nod
Nest to field
Soft to hard

Babe to Doe
Sniff to know
Shift to surge
Rest to go

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