Definition #190 Time

Oliver February 2015

February 2015

This is the time

For you to compute the impossibility

That there is anything

But Grace.


Awake! the sun is

calling! adventure’s friendship

courts your valor’s zest!



Aware, awake!
Can’t take a break;
In charge: better!
Live go-getter!

I mull the lull,
Then touch the dull;
To taste Goodbye,
Hum lullaby.

Goodbye to blinks,
So long to winks;
My eye-lids close
They brush my nose.

My smiles collapse
Into the laps:
Who e’er is there
A rocking pair.

Hum lullaby:
The lull’s Goodbye;
I sleep ’til day
Returns to play.

Good Night!

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