Quicksilver switches gears from Silver Path to Silver GPS

I rose, reflecting,
rambled round
the rows of cars:
Ravs – Rogues were found!

Rambled round
the leather, chrome
and ‘luminum.

The rows of cars
glistened silver in the sun;
they winked at me!

Ravs – Rogues were found;
rallied slick:
a rascal’s scapegrace pick!

The trickster picked the varied car:
the playful mischievous Rogue;
with GPS and safety plus
stability and style!

The playful mischievous Rogue,
a compact SUV
with feline curvity!

With GPS and safety plus
automatic paths
that speak!

Stability and style
strut out
and eloquently bow!



Finding myself

By a stepmother
On Father’s Day.

With the responses
In the catholic church.
But familiar with the ecumenical language
Of Christ Episcopal.

Unable to muster
The mobile com;
Nostalgic for phone booth,
Landlines and quirky operators.

It isn’t even summer,
But the heat rises
To 105 and 115 degrees.
“Global Warming” seems too mild a term!

I schedule Sedona
To teach Calligraphy.
But they call it a ‘lost Art”
And banish Italic from the schools.
Seems we’re banned from flourishes!

Baking cookies
Used to be the last resort
For grounding.
Now we’re pushed out
As robots “chef” the kitchen:
Automatic invaders.
Chocolate chip cookies
Replaced by antioxidants.

Seems I’m just
An outdated label,
Making way for e-branding,
High surveillance
And texting blips!

U think?

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