Riddle#37 Play

I read an interview with children’s writer: Doug Snelson, author of The Fable of the Snake named Slim. He mentioned two qualities of play that both children and adults should use: awe and concentration Awe sees the wonder and concentration is the focus. These qualities create vital interaction.


The quote brought to mind my Grandson of 2 years in the bath this past Saturday.
The hair sculpture was play for the adult but what tickled me was the fifteen minutes he spent playing with the baby face cloth pretending it was a shirt, bib, motorcycle jacket, and various other warrior breastplates that went “brooom, brooom broom” down the road.
His total concentration transformed the simple cloth into any number of costumes and characters.
Mumbled scripts included.
The bath is a stage.
The audience smiled with awe and concentration!

What causes deafness? or My First Rock Concert

My first rock concert:
“Michael Jackson: World Tour”

I was unaware.

Audience: rude
Show: delayed
Volume: blasting
Strobes: annihilating
Merchandising: junk
Access: chaotic
Staging: inter-cosmic
Scale: convulsive
Cirque du Soleil: assaulted

Jeanne Poland
All rights 4/8/2012

April 8, 2012 was my first time at a rock music show. The signs warned there would be pyrotechnics and strobes. But nothing told me my nervous system and ears would be exploded, jolted, and violently assaulted. At first I noted the blasting in my rib cage that shook all organs, forcibly banging my heart beat until it burned to nausea. Covering my ears was impossible as the inter-cosmic air to ground pumping rendered me ragged. I had to “leave my body” and the Colosseum to escape the brutal velocity. The strobe lights blinded all of us to the costumes, dancers, acrobats, sets, singers, and choreography. The flashing videos quaked the Colosseum and shook everyone  senseless. Brains flew. Focus shriveled.
Cirque was damned in a conflagration of flame and flare, flash and combustion.
It took six days to recover from the assault.
I hope the Cirque performers wore ear plugs.
That will be my last rock show, aka “cattle herded toward senseless branding”

Rock Music Terror be gone!

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