Definition #279 Apps

 by Jeanne Poland

by Jeanne Poland

An app is apt to flop your op before you opt or flip your lid!

You’ll flip your lid and then you’ll live
A viral splat where apps are fat

Those apps are fat with greed and whim
They push and moan and leave us thin

So thin we creak with trepidation
Apt to lose to app’s pugnation!

Choose the opt that keeps you cool
Shun the apps- search for the jewels!


"Let's see what this icon does"

“Let’s see what this icon does”

With one finger tip I can:
Scroll and move between items
Use a slider
Select items.

With two finger tips I can:
Zoom in to or zoom out from the screen
Move items from one place to another
Minimize apps and show your Active Frames
View the Hub
Show the menus
Show the keyboard
Navigating within an app

With my whole hand I can:
Hide an iPhone
snap a selfie
see my pix
speak to Siri
learn letters
phone my folks
stay in touch…


I’m Apt to Adapt

I’m apt to adapt
When slapped by an app
That raps and raves
Upon my brave behind:

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