He will lead us home again…

The Writer’s Almanac for Friday, December 25, 202

Music on Christmas Morning
by Anne Bronte
Music I love—but never strain

Could kindle raptures so divine,

So grief assuage, so conquer pain,

And rouse this pensive heart of mine—

As that we hear on Christmas morn

Upon the wintry breezes borne.

Though Darkness still her empire keep,

And hours must pass, ere morning break;

From troubled dreams, or slumbers deep,

That music kindly bids us wake:

It calls us, with an angel’s voice,

To wake, and worship, and rejoice;

To greet with joy the glorious morn,

Which angels welcomed long ago,

When our redeeming Lord was born,

To bring the light of Heaven below;

The Powers of Darkness to dispel,

And rescue Earth from Death and Hell.

Now holy Peace may smile from heaven,

And heavenly Truth from earth shall spring:

The captive’s galling bonds are riven,

For our Redeemer is our king;

And He that gave his blood for men

Will lead us home to God again.

“Music on Christmas Morning” by Anne Bronte.

certainty and doubt


claws or nails?


My goal isn’t to take away your confusion. Confusion is a fertile field
in which everything is possible. If you think you “know,” you’ve just
calcified again. Ram Dass


Is there something exciting out on the raggedy edges called Perhaps?
What sorts of certainties stifle curiosity? What sorts of sureness make
life livable?


I have a lot of edges called Perhaps
and almost nothing you can call
Mary Oliver in “Angels,” Blue Horses


Hope keeps me from calcifying

Angels teach me “perhaps’

Curiosity  makes imagination grow


the wild horses keep running!

Spirit Guides





acquaintances in the light

Dirty Laundry


art by Julie Rowan Zoch


Dirty Laundry

throws out
Trump’s dirty laundry
at our feet.

washes it out
with comments.

walls it from

prohibit it
from adding
to the Apocalypse.

God’s power
is deeper
than the media
dried in the sun.

Archetype 60

owl 64

we spread our wings like butterflies, peacocks, angels


wings manifest flight:

spirits soar, owls open; know

WISDOM that is God!



photo by Jeanne



cotton robes

cotton pants

bikes in mountains

tricks of chance

that’s what angels are.

pants fall down

wings rise up

spirit moves

in golden cup

that’s what angels do.

grandma’s gems

grandpa’s joy

sibling’s rival

angel’s toy

that’s what angels give.

Winter Babies


illustrator: Nicolaj


Jesus played with wise

men, angels, donkeys, cows, doves

to change his universe!

Pa-dum, Pa-dum


For Cynthia who had a heart attack on Halloween…

I came down ,
in flurries

Spell check
left me be

Children waved
their arms..made angels

for innocence

And then
they rolled me

Into bellies
with carrot noses

And patted

To store
humongous balls

To throw
at friends

To sting
their cheeks

necks with cold

A tease
that pinkened nose

And lips
and cheeks


We all
had cocoa

And made
a truce

To warm
each other’s hearts

The showgirl
witnesses that

With her
hat, scarf and smile

For hearts
can stop.

Then heal;
and beat again

Their quiet
knowing beat

Pa-dum, pa-dum
Breath in and out

Pa-dum, pa-dum
first cold; then hot.

Pa-dum, pa-dum.

Prayer of St Bonaventure

Saint Bonaventure Franciscan Monk

Saint Bonaventure Franciscan Monk

I dedicate this prayer to my daughter Quenby on her 38th Birthday and to her father a Trappist monk who took the name: Bonaventure.

Father Bonaventure aka John Poland 1961

Father Bonaventure aka John Poland 1961

Pierce my soul with your love, calm and charity.
Let my soul long for you and your home.
Let my soul be dissolved in you, hunger for you.
Bread of Angels, refresh me with holiness, super sustenance, sweet bread.
Let me feed on you, angelic host, fountain of life, wisdom and knowledge, torrent of pleasure, fullness of the house of God.
Let my soul compass you, find you, run to you, meditate on you,
do all for the praise and glory of your name, with humility and discretion, love, delight and perseverance.
Be my confidence, riches, delight, joy, rest, wisdom, portion, passion and treasure.
Fix my mind and heart immovably, Amen.

To see the original prayer by St Bonaventure, go to:

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