You’re successfully balancing a challenging situation now…


“Although there is a challenging situation around you now, you’re successfully balancing this! Well done!”
Your Angel’s Message:
The angels have sent you this card to congratulate you for getting through a difficult situation with grace. Perhaps this is something that you are still in the midst of. You are focusing on the positives. You won’t let this hiccup block your abundance. People around you will look at you with gratitude, approval and such respect. You will get through all life’s difficulties and challenges with the aid of the angelic realm. They hear your prayers for help and help is coming swiftly. Look out for signs from the angels. These could come in the form of dreams, songs on the radio, strange little coincidences and so on.

You are advised to remain calm and grounded. Be clear in all your communications in terms of what you are hoping to achieve. Visualise positive outcomes and these will come to fruition. Archangel Metatron can be called upon now to increase your energy and motivation. He’ll help you to take care of your priorities. You can manifest your dreams into reality. Other meanings of this card include the following: travel, transportation, a leap forwards, an award or promotion, willpower and self-discipline.
What You Should Do:
Remain grounded and calm. Focus clearly on what you’re trying to achieve. Your determination and self-control are at their peak!

meditate for balance and calm…

“The angels ask that you meditate right now. Balance and calm is needed in your life.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Your life has been very busy recently. You haven’t had time to think. A quiet mind is a receptive mind. You hear the voices of the angels more easily when you have calm within. When this card is drawn, it asks you to quiet your thoughts, to relax and just be. Your angels wish to communicate with you, you just need to learn how to listen to their messages. They have important messages you need to know.

You are a Child of God. It’s natural for the angelic realm to wish to talk with you. They’re always around you and wish to make their presence more known.
What You Should Do:
This is a beautiful card as it means you are soon to receive direct messages from the angelic realm. To hear their voices, take some quiet time out. This could be as little as five or ten minutes at the beginning or the end of every day. Whatever works for you is fine. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Ask your angels a question. Relax and empty your mind. Continue to breathe deeply and rhythmically. With practice, you will begin to hear your angels’ words in your mind. But if you want more help to communicate with them, I am taking on some Angel Visionary Apprentices right now, which I feel is exactly what you need, Jeanne. Either way, always remember to thank the Angels for their Divine guidance.
Your Affirmation:
“I hear my angels answer my questions. They guide me forwards in all I do.”

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