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acquaintances in the light

Death, the word

Seth Snap

photo by Seth Snap


Death: the word

Many picture the grim reaper;
when in fact, he’s familiar.

Not hooded, but radiant
with glory’s aura

our ancestors, waiting for us
to welcome us home

to the vast feast, the fatted lamb
the harped music and dance of angels

a divine Father, who sent his son,
to turn death into life, decay into birth.

energy incarnate.

Definition #304 August

Owen mimics his Mom; grabs her eyeglasses, and grins. He took 35 years to study this look!

Owen mimics his Mom; grabs her eyeglasses, and grins. He took 35 years to study this look!

Owen’s Bday: 8/27

Arthur’s Bday: 8/23

Parent’s Anniversary: 8/17

I knew when surgery was scheduled for 8/17 that it would be blessed by my ancestors.

August always brought new beginnings:

school openings, Fall, school assignments, family gatherings…

Today marks a new foot for me;

perhaps I will not “put it in my mouth”any time soon.

Perhaps it’s a discrete foot!

August’s fruit!

Definition #83 Quenby

Quenby 1975

Quenby 1975

Poem for Quenby
New Years Eve 2014

Big girl panties
Carry you to greatness:
The family sees
its independent woman
and wants to be just like you when  they grow up.

Big girl capes
Carry you farther than all the ancestors-
Even to the shores of Iceland!
it’s volcanos, starkness, and wool dainties

Big girl feet
Step in places ne’er discovered,
Leave illuminated prints
For cats to follow
For wild fairies to adorn
With moss and loam and musk.


Riddle#31 Ancestors

Matriarchal Avcestry

Dreams, it has been said, were the first poems and stories told around the fire in ancient tribal cultures. Jan Hutchinson

We gather, holding baskets
filled with fruit;
seeds and juices
of our loins.

Breasts ready to succor,
feet to serve,
ears to learn
what nurture needs.

Umbilical still grows,
Twists its lullabies;
In and out of sleep
and baths and blankets’ cover.

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