You are loved…


“You may feel lost and alone in this world right now but know that you are loved. People in your life do care for you and want you to have the best in life.”
Your Angel’s Message:
Today’s card comes to you as a message that things are going to get better. Have you recently had a disagreement with someone close? Do you feel that people are overlooking you? The angels wish you to know that each and every person in your life is there for a reason. Some are there to help teach us lessons. Everything we experience has its own purpose. Things may currently seem unfair to you, however, your situation is to improve. 

You may feel that someone around you is trying to control you. The angels need you to know that this person is acting out of love rather than negativity. Know that this is only a temporary situation. Try not to become negative or angry. So long as you feel that others around you have rules and outlooks based in wisdom and love, it’s okay to give up a little control. In fact, it’s very good for you right now.
What You Should Do:
Take the time out to detach and to view the motivations of others from their standpoints. Work at being able to accept the loving guidance of others.
Your Affirmation:
“I know the angels respect and love me unconditionally. I accept the loving guidance of positive forces and people in my life.”


byAn Melis

by An Melis


Alone here in the night

I hear the screaming wind;

The bed is lumps; the gown is course

Onto the cold, I’m pinned.


The ward is jammed with patients pale

Who breath their oxygen;

While screens beep loud and piss and moan

Keep captives in their den.


If sighs could kill, I’d deck each nurse

Who pricks me with the needle;

To suck more blood and wrap more tape

That makes me shake and wheedle.


I go for broke, adorn a mask

And gingerly move out to hall;

Midst interns, aids and techs

“Who is that patient holding onto wall?”


“Tight pain! blow out” I pant for breath

Lift up my swollen lungs

Go up! Go up! you rooted trees

Rise up you violet tongues!


The light, it came to burnish me

Upon my humble bed and lifted me;

Onto a throne that rested to the right

Of Him who held all majesty!


poem by Jeanne


Melancholy by AlbertGyorgy

Sculpture by Albert  Gyotgy


If eyes are the windows of the soul-

this is what melancholy

of the soul looks like.








cartoon by Jeanne of Jeanne for Jeanne


finished being super-girl

running marathons

flying man child on my back

through catastrophes


finished being hyper

drained of energy

never safe, never whole,

empty, dark, alone.


finished being “go-to-girl”

“organizing force”

feed ‘m, clothe ‘m, bed ‘m, then

line  ‘m up to bathe.


finished being super-girl

running man-child’s needs!

man-up! grow up! fellow man!

come with love, engage!

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