New Years Day and our God in the sky


She’s female

or male

or spirit or girl

or blonde or silver colored hair

no need of clothes

too pure and perfect to spurn

but burns to purify

cleanses all the strif

and stuff of chaos

like viruses unfolding in the air

shadows on the lungs

that take our brothers to the realm of spirit

where they move with the angels and ancestors

to praise His Everlasting Glory

and her ever ready love for all creation sent by Him

Her Sacred Spirit.




I snapped a selfie for those of you who were caught amiss with a selfie of me in intensive care 2 years ago.

I failed to date it and the concern about covid engendered fear.

See the pink glow.

Rejoice that Don and I are thriving.

The small steps are a resurrection.

For you and I

For your kin and you


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