Definition #301 Albany Medical Center

Albany Medical Center

Albany Medical Center

nerve block, happy juice,

tools of surgeon, ortho feats:

foot reconstruction

sixty helpers came

and went day and night to serve

the patient patient

Definition 299 Taking the Sacred to Go

the sanctified

the sanctified

I’ll take the cairn to

go: bring the balance, breath strength,

trust power within!

Tomorrow I have surgery on my foot

at Albany Medical Center.

Spirit leads me!



Went to Albany Med for a biopsy.
Lost in the Infinite Hallways.
Chaplin befriends me on the elevator.
Holds my hand for 30 minutes on the way to Radiology.
Forgot the paper script.
They found me electronically.
Soul found home.
Thyroid found needle.
Ears heard doctor.
Heart found hope.
Angels held me fast
As always.

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