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  abcdarian                                                                                 by John Stevens

alphabet sentence







Try writing an alphabet sentence using this code:

2 alphabet sentences 1




Just for fun, try writing one of these alphabet sentences (containing all 26 letters)
in code using the e-alphabet symbols shown above:


How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!

All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge.



As it’s your wish to be abcdarian
but the fact is you seem more Rastafarian
cutting this class as if were something alien
don’t mean you can’t be a sesquipedalian.

Each has the right to refuse education
foregoing fame and the worlds’ adulation,
going through life unaware of potential
having surmised sloth can be exponential.

In light of this and without jactitation
join us my friends get some gratification
keep the light on and don’t let it diminish
learn something new, don’t become a didn’t finish.

Make your own mark rising to the occasion,
nourish the spark through divine innovation,
open up doors then without limitation,
pour out your thoughts and avoid constipation.

Question these words by all means you’ve available,
rightly conclude they are def’nately not salable,
seek and you’ll find they all rhyme on three syllables,
(talent as this should most surely be billable).

Unless you count it as pure satisfaction
verify this without further distraction,
why would one write something so convoluted
x-rays won’t show if your mind’s been polluted.

Yea, though I speak of such edification
zealots as I oft’ need more medication.

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