Fall fell and left:


watercolor posted by Roger


ruptured appendix


emergency surgery


open abdominal wound

(Sept 19th, 2018 through October…November…December…)

Grands’ Grands 02


My grands with their Grand “Nana” 2018


garnish strength

from Poppa’s heartbeat

long tresses

and Nana’s high regard!

Neil Waldman @ the R. Michelson Gallery


reworking of the temple theme by Neil Waldman


I met the caretakers of the

R Michelson Gallery in Northampton

on August 27, 2018

and purchased one book

one watercolor painting

one giclee (A digital printing process in which an ink-jet printer is used to produce a high-quality art print)

and had a fulfilling tour of the museum

and its storeroom of children’s books and illustrators.

I learned some Hebrew.

And frolicked in Northampton.


What remains is to set up my personal

Neil Waldman Gallery

in my studio with chair for visitors to read the book by Michelson and Waldman

Owen’s Forty-first Birthday


August 27, 2018


on the frontier

children grow

to ride mountains

cross streams

on wheels made swift


papa’s pecs!

Don & Jeanne’s TRUST


June 1989

before the gray hair-

the beginning years:

a Weight Watcher courtship

and now


a world of trust

for data man

and rainbow woman!

New Business Card

QSbusiness cardLove In-Design, and Adobe Creative Suite on my iMac in 2018!


For a look at other business cards designed by me, go to: https://thevibrantchanneledcreator.wordpress.com/cards-2/

Sleep-deprived but valiant


(2013) Annika was born in 2008; (2015 )Oliver was born in 2011


one two year old who loved climbing out of his crib


 one five year old who loved reading by the bedroom lamp 

equals less sleep in 2013.


one four year old who plays on the bottom bunk


one seven year old who likes to stay up and spy on the adults

equals less sleep in 2015.


here we are in 2018

and Dad is diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis

a tick borne illness from a tick bite

likely 2 weeks ago.



Painting of Mount Ascension #6 by Margaret Evangeline in show at Love Apple Farm 2018



Annika’s Monster (Age 9) on May 27, 2018


grab the geometry

relate it

add hooves

make the tail fearsome

the snout sharp

the scales pointy

the eyes slits

add wings

for ascension

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