Owen son on his Virgo Birthday August 27, 2017


archer, biker, son

path maker, natural pa,

rare teacher sportsman


I am You


English translation from Jeasbe Guriett Singh

Hindi poem posted by Rama Dixit on Facebook: August 11, 2017


Ya meri talaash ka jurm hai…

Ya meri wafa ka kasoor hai …

Jo dil ke jitney karib hai …

Woh nazar se utna hi dur hai .


And one lazy morning sitting by my pillow ‘she’ said:

“One day in your wildest dreams~
You fantasized hiding somewhere inside me…
Always around, but never really visible…
not even to you
Well, your dream came true…~!!~
now, let the world seek….as much as it can”

Now……..Where do I seek  myself ??
I have become the ‘Thee’ !


(This phenomena transversed the globe between NY and India through the power of Facebook and my writer friends!)

the three ring circus hides under the tent


sketches by Walter Koessler


the three ring circus hides under the tent

Foraging picks through the center island
Awkward keeps his eyes down
Put-it-off drops wrappers everywhere

Obsessive wipes the counters to dazzling
Martyr-complex kneels ’til callouses form
the dull light of Guilt never dims

Entertainer pirouettes round the ring
She’s a Performance artist in the buff
electric Pantomime

April  3, 2017
all rights

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