Quenby 1975


two photos of Quenby born in 1975


The light changes from dramatic to subdued

from bold to tints of color

neither looks like the Windsor & Newton watercolor pinks I used

on the watercolor paper

for time has left its footprint

space has come closer

and human perception matured.

My daughter has left her footprints, come closer, and matured.

Now she mothers grand-cats,

dramatic, colorful, with pink tongues, footprints, closer, and maturing.

Happy Birthday Jeanne


Jeanne’s snow suit, circa 1975 (Quenby wears red too!)


Yesterday I had brunch at Quenby’s house.

Now she radiates Big Love, Big Nurturing, Big Visions;

Knows how great middle age can be!

Piggy back on her is wonderful Michael, the dream son in law!

Definition 157 Chin up

Quenby Chins in 1975

Quenby Chins in 1975

Annika Chins in 2011

Annika Chins in 2011

before human chin

comes monkey climb with arms, hands

flips, somersault love!

Today is the Spring Equinox:

The word equinox comes from Latin: aequus means equal, level, or calm; nox means night, or darkness.

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