Use data science to improve your situation.


Your tarot card for today is the King of Swords, and it wants you to utilize data science to improve your situation.
The tarot card for today, The King of Swords, is a knowledgeable man. He is very logical when it comes to planning for the future, and he’s here to guide you to do the same. The King of Swords uses analytical thinking and uses techniques such as data science to figure out the best ways to do things.
The King of Swords wants to help show you how you, too, can be a savvy businessman or businesswoman like him. He wants you to be able to complete your responsibilities and work like a skilled professional. According to the King of Swords, using techniques such as data science to figure out a budget or smart business moves is the way to go.

Using data science to help your business
Data science is an excellent tool for helping businesses, companies, and organizations solve complicated problems. Using data science also helps them make better and wiser decisions, especially when it comes to funding and spending.
The King of Swords suggests that you should try to learn about how data science works and how it can be applied to your situation if you are a business owner. Doing so may greatly help you and your business thrive and expand in the long run.
Alternatively, the King of Swords could represent a data scientist that you hire. He is skilled in analytics and is a true professional at what he does. Know that you can trust him to get the job done right, and he will help you reach all your future business goals.

The King of Swords is here to remind you that using logic and predictive tools like data science is essential for planning for the future. It is also helpful when it comes to avoiding repeating mistakes and making poor choices.
When done correctly by skilled professionals, data science can help in a myriad of ways in different areas and industries, such as:

  • Show potential gas leaks.
  • Alert websites and companies of data breaches.
  • Predict deadly and infectious diseases.
  • Indicate which hardware pieces are malfunctioning.
  • Show where there are collision threats.
  • Alert you of fire or electrical hazards.
  • Show which livestock may have infectious diseases.
  • Teach you how you can budget your household costs more smartly.

Plan better for your future
The King of Swords wants you to make the best possible decisions to save and plan for your future. He suggests that you set up some SMART goals for yourself and the future. SMART goals are specific yet realistic goals you make for yourself.
Each SMART goal consists of five distinct elements. These particular elements are:

  • Specific: Make your goal very clear and be specific about what it will take to reach your goal.
  • Measurable: Track your goal so you can accurately predict how long it will take you to be able to reach it.
  • Attainable: Make sure that your goal is actually achievable, not a goal of extremes. Otherwise, you’ll lose the motivation to continue trying to reach your goals.
  • Relevant: Make sure when setting your goal, it’s appropriate to how you wish to shape your future. For example, if your future goal is to learn data science and become a data scientist, don’t set your SMART goal to complete a biology course.
  • Time-Bound: Setting a time frame will help keep you from getting off track. If you estimate how long it should take you, you’re more likely to stay within that timeframe and reach your goal at a decent time.
    Setting your goals in a certain timeframe with a specific endpoint will make them much more achievable. This will help you quickly reach many goals in a short amount of time, instead of stressing and taking a long time to finish one big goal.

The Star…sign of mysticism, hopes, trust, imagination, and positive dominance…..



from Archangel Metatron October 29, 2021 From Maria Logan

Lean upon us if your confidence wavers, and we will buoy your courage and faith.
The angels encourage you to embrace your inner confidence and to recognize your inner strength. Events in the past may have knocked your confidence, but now is a good time for you to start connecting with the confidence that is within you and always has been.
The angels are very close to you today to let you know that they can work with you on this, for having confidence can help you to embrace new and exciting opportunities, in your career and also with relationships.
They can also assist you to clear away any painful memories from the past which may have knocked your confidence, this will make way for your inner confidence to rise from within you. Just ask for their assistance and they will work with you throughout the day and whenever you desire.

Today, speak with a friend or a colleague that you trust and ask them to tell you what they feel your strengths are. This may seem difficult to do at first, however just the act of asking will help to build your confidence and you may learn aspects of yourself that you didn’t even know about!
If you struggle with this, ask for your guardian angel to guide you through the process of asking and they will bring you the right words.

The Talisman of Powerful Luck


Your Talisman of Powerful Luck has the power to make a multitude of miracles appear, which would soon resound in your everyday life. It is said that it has the power to cast aside the unfair obstacles standing in the way of the easy, sweet and happy life you deserve.

Be careful, these first results will only be temporary! Your Talisman will bring you perfect luck and protection for a few days. But from October 31st, after the Sacred Ritual, it will bear considerable and endless Financial Luck and Power.

On the night of Halloween,The cosmic gates will open,
And you deserve this Happiness…
This mysterious Ritual has been performed by druids, shamans, mages and mediums for thousands of years.

Because the night of Halloween, October 31st, the whole universe becomes like a magical and mystical ocean. There is practically no barrier between the visible and invisible worlds.

For children, Halloween has become a fairy tale where witches fly astride their brooms, but that’s folklore, a byword for celebrations and candy…

The truth is that the night of Halloween is the only time of the year when all the energies of the Earth and of the Heavens merge. It’s the night of the mages.

Your silver lining Aquarius Horoscope for November, 2021


Your Silver Lining Horoscope November 2021
Prepared for: Jeanne
Jeanne, find out what your aquarius Horoscope holds in store for you this month. May the Spiritual Forces lead you to a better future.

Planets come to an agreement this month so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. This auspicious period is bound to be filled with pleasant surprises from your friends and relatives. Things will go well on the romantic side, perhaps too well, so you might start getting suspicious whether your feelings are real. It is best to follow your heart in everything you do this month because it is the only one who knows the right answer. No matter how much life will put your emotions to test, be sure to practice self-control and sympathy in your interactions with others.
Social life: There is no need to put up a tough front when you are not feeling well. It is understandable that you do not want to place a burden on people close to you, but Mercury’s positive influence this month will put everyone in a favorable disposition toward you. That is why you should not stay away from those offering their help and support in a difficult situation. Know that there are no negative presences near you this month, so it will be beneficial to rely on others.
Personal situation: This is a favorable month for your spiritual development. Although you are already expressing interest in various spiritual practices and traditions, now can be a good opportunity to brush up on your knowledge. Keep in mind that not everything available on the internet is useful for achieving your goals, and you really need to sort through the information before finding something you can trust. Mercury will be there to help the natives of your sign with sifting through the abundance of sources and finding those that complement your spiritual development and help you achieve your true purpose in life.
Days of peak positive energy: 5, 12, 24Days that might be a source of concern: 10, 18, 27
Your Arcanum for the month:The large and bright Sun arcanum lights your path this month. Being a symbol of abundance, this card represents well your journey during this positive period. Showing the world your warm and gentle energies will get you through even the toughest times, while your positive disposition will attract others easily. Use this time to share your radiance with others and do not forget to practice gratitude for every moment. When you are going through a difficult time, remember that things will get better very soon.


fuchsia October juggles my bones… Colors change dribble and moan!


by Katrina Vandenberg

That summer in the west I walked sunrise
to dusk, narrow twisted highways without shoulders,
low stone walls on both sides. Hedgerows
of fuchsia hemmed me in, the tropical plant
now wild, centuries after nobles imported it
for their gardens. I was unafraid,
did not cross to the outsides of curves, did not
look behind me for what might be coming.
For weeks in counties Kerry and Cork, I walked
through the red blooms the Irish call
the Tears of God, blazing from the brush
like lanterns. Who would have thought
a warm current touching the shore
of that stone-cold country could make
lemon trees, bananas, and palms not just take,
but thrive? Wild as the jungles they came from,
where boas flexed around their trunks —
like my other brushes with miracles,
the men who love you back, how they come
to you, gorgeous and invasive, improbable,
hemming you in. And you walk that road
blazing, some days not even afraid to die.

Katrina Vandenberg, “Fuchsia” from The Alphabet Not Unlike the World. Copyright © 2012 by Katrina Vandenberg. Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC, on behalf of Milkweed Editions

When Christ calls me, I run……



from Maria Loren Oct 24, 2021

Your tarot card for today is Strength.
Just as we would call for an air conditioning repair person to fix our AC in advance of a heat wave, this card is a reminder that you should open up and reach out for help before you face times of emotional strife.
The Strength card shows us a beautiful woman dressed in white and flowers with an infinity symbol over her head. She is outside in a natural landscape, and she bends over like she is caring for something. Her gentle hands are petting the head of a happy lion.
The relationship between strength and care is evident in this card. The woman on the Strength card has subdued the king of the jungle—a lion. But she didn’t fight it or trap it—she has cared for it.

She is such a strong person that her care and tenderness have tamed a wild lion. She is leading it on with a leash of flowers. The lion could break the flower leash if he wanted, but he wants to be cared for, so he stays. He looks up at her with adoring eyes.
Today, this card is inviting you to consider the connection between strength and care. It takes strength to care for others, like the lion, but it also takes strength to care for ourselves.
Mental Health Care in a Crisis Is Like Air Conditioning Repair in a Heatwave
We may neglect caring for ourselves because we feel selfish for focusing our efforts internally when we could be showing our strength like the woman on the Strength card and tending to someone else who needs it.
But what happens when we need care and our needs fall by the wayside?

To reflect on this concept, let’s consider an example of a heatwave. Imagine that you have an old broken air conditioner unit taking up space in your attic. You might neglect it for months—even years—if the temperatures stay moderate and you see no need to bring it out into the light and get it fixed.
But if a sudden heat wave hits your town, suddenly you are in dire need of air conditioning repair. You would wish that your air conditioner was fixed and ready to go, but you never got around to dealing with it, so now you have to suffer the unbearable heat while you figure out a way to fix the machine.
We can easily parallel this idea of a heatwave to a personal crisis, and the air conditioner to our mental health. If we neglect taking care of our mental health when we assume everything is fine, we could be in dire straits when a crisis hits and we realize that our mind doesn’t have a healthy foundation to deal with the new circumstances.

It Takes Strength to Reach Out
If you are receiving this card today, you are being encouraged to take stock of your mental health today. Right now. Even if you think everything is fine, you should check in and ask yourself if you are being as tender and caring with your mental health as the woman on the Strength card is with the lion.
If we need help with our mental health, we can reach out and ask for it. This can be easier said than done. Sometimes, it takes tremendous strength to ask for help—more than it would take to try to handle things ourselves. For mental health help, you can talk to your doctor, search for a local counselor for talk therapy, or try out a meditation or therapy app as a starting point.
Remember that it takes strength to care, and caring gives strength.

Future Plans


Future Plans
by Kate Barnes

When I am an old, old woman I may very well be
living all alone like many another before me
and I rather look forward to the day when I shall have
a tumbledown house on a hill top and behave
just as I wish to. No more need to be proud—
at the tag end of life one is at last allowed
to be answerable to no one. Then I shall wear
a shapeless felt hat clapped on over my white hair,
sneakers with holes for the toes, and a ragged dress.
My house shall be always in a deep-drifted mess,
my overgrown garden a jungle. I shall keep a crew
of cats and dogs, with perhaps a goat or two
for my agate-eyed familiars. And what delight
I shall take in the vagaries of day and night,
in the wind in the branches, in the rain on the roof!
I shall toss like an old leaf, weather-mad, without reproof.
I’ll wake when I please, and when I please I shall doze;
whatever I think, I shall say; and I suppose
that with such a habit of speech I’ll be let well alone
to mumble plain truth like an old dog with a bare bone.

Kate Barnes, “Future Plans” from Where the Deer Were. Copyright © 2000 by Kate Barnes. Used with the permission of The Permissions Company, LLC, on behalf of David R Godine, Publisher, Inc.,

A friend of mine was the writer for Johnny Carson. He was as shy as Johnny and consequently , a great fit! I’m sure they’ve grown together and would still sync easily> Introverts unite! Ray Siller and Johnny Carson

It’s the birthday of the most popular talk show host in American history, Johnny Carson, born in Corning, Iowa (1925). He was the son of a utility company lineman and he grew up an extremely shy boy. But when he was 12 years old he happened to read a how-to book about magic tricks and he became obsessed. He later said that it was the discovery of magic that helped him relate to people. He sent away for a mail-order magic kit and began following his family members around the house, asking them to pick a card. He performed publicly for the first time when he was 14 at the local rotary club. His mother sewed him a cape embroidered with his name, “The Great Carsoni.”
He went on performing magic at local parties and clubs and when he was in the Navy during World War II he was chosen to assist Orson Welles in a magic performance for the troops. Welles sawed his wife, Rita Hayworth, in half onstage, and Carson later said it was one of the high points of his life.
He studied speech and drama at the University of Nebraska and it was there that he got interested in comedy. His senior thesis was titled, “How to Write Comedy Jokes.” He worked for years in radio and on small-time TV shows including a game show called Who Do You Trust? But his big break came when he took over hosting The Tonight Show from Jack Paar in 1962. At the time nighttime talk shows were a mixture of intellectual discussion, controversy, and comedy. What made Johnny Carson unique was that he retained the talk show format of interviewing guests, including scientists and writers, but he turned everything into a joke.
Carson’s show also became the premier venue for new stand-up comedians. Getting booked on The Tonight Show was considered the biggest break a comedian could get, and if Carson invited a comedian to sit down after the routine, it was a sign that the comedian had made it.
By the mid-1970s more than 15 million people were watching The Tonight Show every night before they went to bed. Carson hosted the show for 30 years, which was two-thirds of the time that national TV had existed. He retired from the show after having taped 4,531 shows and almost never appeared in public again. One of his few TV appearances after his retirement was a one-minute spot on David Letterman’s show during which Carson remained completely silent. He died in 2005.

Trust and Follow Your intuition…Look for a Deeper Connection…


Trust and follow your intuition. It is God and the angels speaking to you.
The angels surround you today with their loving energy and they wish to let you know that your intuition is true and they encourage you to follow it.
Lately you may have been feeling intuitively drawn to taking action upon something, or you may have a hunch or feeling about a situation, and the angels reassure you that this truly is your intuition and the angels speaking to you. Trust and follow this inner guidance, and know that it is infused with the love and energy of the angels. They will always guide you towards loving and positive situations, so today be sure to follow any feelings you receive intuitively.
With the angels working so closely today to communicate through your intuition, it’s a great idea to strengthen this ability. Ask the angels about any situation or decision that you need to make, and be sure to check in with your intuition to receive the answer from the angels. You will find that as you practice this and trust in it, it becomes stronger and becomes part of your daily life.

From Water Damage Restoration to Social Aid
Often, we will have no way of knowing that a person we care about is unwell unless they tell us so. They may appear completely normal on the outside, like a wall that is being damaged by water within.

But since we often cannot see signs of water damage, we have to wait until it is too late before we perform any water damage restoration. We don’t, however, have to wait to help a friend in need.
If we realize that someone we care about was suffering at a time we thought they were fine, we will likely feel confused and distressed. How could we not have realized that they were unwell? Perhaps we had many conversations with them and still did not receive any clue that they needed us.
This is a very real possibility, and it has to do with the fact that in many of our everyday conversations, we do not get to the heart of how people are feeling. This is fine for many conversations, but if we never check in with people on a deeper level, their emotional turmoil may escape our notice entirely.

So, when you communicate today, don’t just scratch the surface: dig a little deeper.
This doesn’t mean prying into someone’s life. If you are too aggressive with this, your actions could have the opposite effect and make them run in the other direction instead of opening up.
Instead, a great strategy to get people to open up on their own is to open up yourself. You cannot expect another person—especially one who is struggling—to get vulnerable with you right away. You can, however, be vulnerable yourself, and let them in.

A Deeper Connection, a Deeper Relationship
Bringing more honest vulnerability into your conversations creates trust and faith. This vulnerability will let the other person know that when they are in dialogue with you, they are in a safe space. With this knowledge, they can feel more comfortable opening up on their own, or telling you the truth if you suspect something is up and you gently prod them.
Look again at the Ten of Cups card. How “perfect” would these human relationships be if each figure on this card was hiding their true feelings from the others?
Today, bring that vulnerability into your conversations where appropriate to connect on a deeper level and enhance your relationships.

Encourage literacy…


Wrong Turn
by Luci Shaw

I took a wrong turn the other day.
A mistake, but it led me to the shop where I found
the very thing I’d been searching for.

With my brother I opened a packet
of old letters from my mother and saw a side of her
that sweetened what had been deeply sour.

Later that day the radio sang a song from
a time when I was discovering love,
and folded me into itself again.

Luci Shaw, “Wrong Turn” from What the Light Was Like published by WordFarm. ©2006 Luci Shaw.

Be aware of the karmic push and pull of life…


Your tarot card for today is the Wheel of Fortune.

Although the Wheel of Fortune is known as “the gambler” of the tarot, remember not to get caught up pushing your luck with things such as online gambling.

The Wheel of Fortune is today’s tarot card, and it’s here to represent the karmic push and pull of life. When the Wheel of Fortune shows up, it’s a reminder that no matter where you are in life, good or bad, that the cycle never stops, and this too shall pass.

This card also represents luck and unexpected events. The Wheel of Fortune may indicate a surprise win and wants you to have fun. While some may assume this is a sign to go out and play the lottery, that may not exactly be the case.

So, keep in mind that while buying a lottery ticket or two won’t hurt, it’s best not to engage in activities such as online gambling.

How does the Wheel of Fortune represent karma?

The Wheel of Fortune represents karma and is here to remind you of life’s karmic cycles. It wants you to know that the cycles never stop; everything must eventually come to an end and start at a beginning at some point in time. The Wheel of Fortune is here to show you that nothing is infinite, so do not rely on something familiar, and do not think the bad has no end.

If you’re going through a hostile and unlucky time in your life, the Wheel of Fortune is here to tell you to keep your head up and keep on keeping on. This is just a phase, one of life’s cycles. If you stay strong and stick it out, you will be rewarded for your efforts. This won’t be something that’s going to last forever. This, too, shall pass.

If you’re going through a good phase in life, the Wheel of Fortune indicates you could be on a lucky streak. While things may be going good for you and everything has seemed easy-going lately, the Wheel of Fortune wants to remind you that there will still be some bumps in the road in the future. You should still be prepared for when they approach. You can’t live carefree forever.

But why does the Wheel of Fortune discourage activities like online gambling?

The Wheel of Fortune represents pure luck and is a reminder to expect the unexpected. It wants you to go out and enjoy yourself when you can. If you’re feeling lucky, go out and buy a lottery ticket, have fun. You never know. You could be in for a surprise and luck out.

However, just because you’re on a lucky streak, this isn’t a time to go spend all your money at the casino or online gambling. While having fun and taking a chance here and there is fine, going overboard could be very harmful.

The Wheel of Fortune tells you to never take advantage of luck and not get greedy with it, because you may lose everything in the blink of an eye. Your luck can go just as quickly as it came.

Which side of the Wheel are you on?

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that things keep going, the wheel keeps turning, and that life never stops. So, here is some advice depending on which of life’s phases you’re currently in.

If you’re going through an excellent lucky streak, you should remember to enjoy yourself and have fun while it lasts. Try not to go overboard and push your luck. Don’t act like you’re invincible. Continue to plan for future obstacles and challenges.

If you are feeling unlucky and going through a bad time, remember to keep your head up. Never give up, and stay strong. Know this isn’t going to last forever. Don’t give into neuroticism. You’ll reap the rewards when this phase is over.

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