the supernatural figure mounted on a white horse represents the great and holy light which goes before humanity, coming out of the walled garden and passing on to the journey home.


“ Unlike insurance companies who value things monetarily, we must have a more abstract understanding of how we value things in our life. ”
According to The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite, The Sun is described as the following:
The naked child mounted on a white horse and displaying a red standard has been mentioned already as the better symbolism connected with this card. It is the destiny of the Supernatural East and the great and holy light which goes before the endless procession of humanity, coming out from the walled garden of the sensitive life and passing on the journey home. The card signifies, therefore, the transit from the manifest light of this world, represented by the glorious sun of earth, to the light of the world to come, which goes before aspiration and is typified by the heart of a child.

But the last allusion is again the key to a different form or aspect of the symbolism. The sun is that of consciousness in the spirit – the direct as the antithesis of the reflected light. The characteristic type of humanity has become a little child therein–a child in the sense of simplicity and innocence in the sense of wisdom. In that simplicity, he bears the seal of Nature and of Art; in that innocence, he signifies the restored world. When the self-knowing spirit has dawned in the consciousness above the natural mind, that mind in its renewal leads forth the animal nature in a state of perfect conformity.
Your card today is the luminous Sun. The sun has a neutral face, but it is shining magnificently with a plethora of rays. Beneath it, sunflowers bloom happily and a naked baby is joyful on a horse. A large red flag waves in the wind.

It is clear to see that this card is connected to ideas of childlike innocence and joy. Note that this baby is “a child in the sense of simplicity and innocence in the sense of wisdom”. In this way, the infant might remind us of the expression about wisdom coming from the mouths of babes.
Today, the Sun card is reminding you of the wisdom of innocence and inviting you to become your own kind of “self-knowing spirit”. What can we learn from a child about how to understand ourselves and value our lives?
An infant experiencing the world for the first time is moving through life with a fresh perspective and an open mind. As the infant has experiences for the first time, they are able to approach things with a deep appreciation and joy. It doesn’t matter how big or how small these things may be on paper. For a child, anything can have value.

As we age, we tend to lose this simple appreciation for the little things in life. Let’s reflect on where you can find value today.
The Way Insurance Companies Value Our World
As adults, we tend to believe in the value we see on paper. Unlike an infant who might encounter a beetle and think they’ve found some magnificent tiny instance of life, we might see a beetle and ignore it or want to get rid of it because it has no value to us.
Consider insurance. Insurance companies will give you estimates about what it will cost for you to replace things you own or deal with health or legal issues that may arise. It may be strange for us to see a categorical number value assigned to these things.
We hope that our insurance will protect us, our possessions, and our well-being if we need it. But how much are the items in our home worth? How much is our health worth?
Insurance companies might say that replacing your photo album would only cost $15. But what if that photo album is full of images of your family and friends? What if those are the only photos you have of people you love?
The values do not match up. We know that our photo album is worth more than it looks like on paper. So let’s take this concept and apply it as we move through our day.
Value Beyond the Appraisal
Today, think that you are the innocent infant on the horse, that the sun is shining, and that the world is full of possibilities. Then, try looking up. You can do this throughout your day, inside and outside. If you approach your world with the eyes of a child, you can notice things you haven’t notice before. You can find unexpected value where you would see none listed on paper.
Looking up inside your home may make you marvel at the architecture, consider the hands that went into building the places that shelter you and your loved ones, or remember the memories that were made under that ceiling. Looking up outside may show you a nesting bird, an unusually shaped cloud, or a picturesque fruit hanging from a tree.
Bring an innocent appreciation to your world to discover value that goes beyond anyone else’s appraisal.

The supernatural East comes out

When your spirit is injured, seek your angel’s urgent care…

healingWhen your spirit is injured, seek your angel’s urgent care!
Today is all about healing. Your angels have been watching you suffer for too long and want you to know that you don’t have to wait until your holy day to come to them! Your angels are always standing by, waiting for you to ask for help with everything from the smallest prick in your spirit to the biggest wound in your soul.
Spiritual healing starts with you.
Just like a physical doctor, you need to consent to treatment. You can walk up to the doors of an urgent care facility, but until you’re inside and asking for help they won’t be able to treat you.
Your angels are standing by with spiritual bandages and healing creams just waiting for you to give the word. Don’t stand by with your spirit bruised, battered, and bleeding when you could be given the best spiritual care there is by your angels!
And when you consent to healing, the people around you will start to see a change in your spirit. No longer will you be broken down and hurting; thanks to your angels you’ll heal and be able to dance your way out of the urgent care, spreading love and light wherever you go!
It can be hard to let go of your pain and accept healing, but your angels are guiding you towards that end. It’s time for you to heal. It’s time for you to take a deep breath and enter your angel’s urgent care.
It can be scary to relinquish the spiritual pain you’ve been living with for so long, but your angels will be beside you the whole way, helping your convalescence and spiritual therapy. Put your faith in your angels and relax knowing that they will do what’s best for you.
Spiritual urgent care and spiritual therapy go hand in hand.
You may feel that you can wait to go to your angels with your pain, but you don’t have to and you shouldn’t. When you’ve been wounded spiritually, never wait to seek the help of your angels! They are always right beside you, waiting for you to open up to them and request help from the bottom of your heart.
In the same way that you wouldn’t—and shouldn’t—wait to see a doctor about a physical broken arm, don’t wait to see your angels about your spiritual fractures. Both will cause you immeasurable pain in the end if you don’t take care of them right away!
The quicker you go to your angels, the less of a scar will be left on your spirit afterwards and the quicker you’ll be able to resume normal life.
Spiritual therapy goes hand in hand with spiritual urgent care. Therapy can take all sorts of forms, from the kind where you talk out your problems to the kind where you re-learn how to use parts of your body. Your angels are eager to help you with both!
Talking out your problems with your angelic therapist will get you to the root of the problem, while exercising with your angelic physio-therapist will keep your spirit limber and resilient. Both involve being gentle with yourself and trusting your angels completely, following their guidance and accepting what they say.
Remember, wounds caused on you by other people are not your fault. You are not in charge of what other people do to you and you should never be ashamed of needing to heal after being wounded. Your angel’s urgent care never closes their doors and is always ready to help you heal from any situation.


Take your time to make a decision that will serve a bigger picture…consider all options before you procede

Today’s Tarot Reading For Jeanne
Your Birthdate: 05 Feb 1941
Your Star Sign: Aquarius
Today’s Date: 13 Sep 2021wands02

“ To avoid finding a quick solution at a high cost like you might with cash services & payday loans, explore all your options before making a decision. ”
From Sophia Loren and Maria Loren
According to The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite, the Two of Wands is described as the following:
A tall man looks from a battlemented roof over sea and shore; he holds a globe in his right hand, while a staff in his left rests on the battlement; another is fixed in a ring. The Rose and Cross and Lily should be noticed on the left side.
Divinatory Meanings: Between the alternative readings there is no marriage possible; on the one hand, riches, fortune, magnificence; on the other, physical suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, mortification. The design gives one suggestion; here is a lord overlooking his dominion and alternately contemplating a globe; it looks like the malady, the mortification, the sadness of Alexander amidst the grandeur of this world’s wealth.
Reversed: Surprise, wonder, enchantment, emotion, trouble, fear.

The man on the Two of Wands card is angled away from us in contemplation. He has two points of view: he is either regarding the globe in his hand or the landscape stretching into the distance before him.
One way we can consider this card is to pay attention to its diverse meanings and focus in on the concept of making a choice. What does the man choose?
Does he favour riches over suffering? Does he stay looking out at the landscape to concern himself with the parts of life that he can see right ahead of him, or does he hold the globe to remind himself that there is a whole greater world of which he can only see little?
If we apply these questions to our own life, we think of seeing the bigger picture versus focusing in on the here and now, and how decision-making can lead us to either of these options.

The Pitfalls of Quick Fixes Like Cash Services & Payday Loans
If we are like the man on the Two of Wands, then we, too, have a decision to make. We must consider if we will choose a quick fix and act efficiently in the service of the here and now, or if we will decide on playing a long game and take our time to make a decision that will serve a bigger picture.
Let’s imagine a financial example and consider cash services & payday loans. Short-term loans like this are a very quick fix. A payday loan gives you an advance on the money you expect to receive as part of your next paycheck. This is usually a smaller amount of money that you would pay back to the lender once you got the paycheck you were waiting for.

The fast cash you would get from a payday loan could be helpful if you had some unexpected or emergency expense come up, but using payday loans as a financial tool is not sustainable. The interest on these loans is usually very high.
You may end up paying a fee that would parallel an annual interest rate of 500% or more. So, if you take out a number of payday loans to repeatedly have access to this short-term fix, the debt could rack up.
Instead of immediately reaching for a payday loan, you owe it to yourself to take the time to research all potential options to find one that is healthiest for your bank account. But this decision-making process is not limited to financial decisions.

Researching All Options, Today and Tomorrow
You may be receiving this card today because an important decision is coming up in your life. Remember that the importance of a decision has little to do with the apparent size of the decision. Decisions that seem small may be essential.
To develop your decision-making skills, ensure that you are taking time to consider all options before you proceed today, tomorrow, throughout the week, and beyond. You can do this by using a web browser for research, talking things through with trusted friends, or asking the opinions of people you respect.
You will be the man on the Two of Wands card many times in your life, caught between choices. Ensure that you are being strategic about decision-making today.

The Dream of the Rue…


“Speaking Of Dreams”

Speaking of dreams
Here we are in the glistening streets of Gay Paree
Playing the Gipsy Kings
After the rain and taking tea at the Ritz in boots and jeans
With a teenage girl who said that it would be her grandest dream
And speaking of dreams, I really must say
I couldn’t have dreamed you up
Nor the way you burst into my life, rattled my cage
And woke my sleeping demons up

You were not yet born
When my career began in ’59
We’re a sign of the times
Who cares if you are a breath of spring and I am vintage wine
We come from two different worlds
Like every other couple on the Rue de Rivoli
You spent your youth in the rainforests of distant Camaroon
Your father was a Navy captain, I am the Queen of Hearts
And the daughter of the moon

Speaking of dreams
You took me to see the paintings of Paul Gaughin
Speaking of dreams
We stood in the midst of waterfalls, flaming trees
Golden dogs and shining Tahitian ladies
But it was you, not Paul Gaughin
Who stopped my heart and then
Started my life over again

And if you feel as I do
That we’ve erased the lines between reality
And all our painted dreams
Then take me down to where the Gipsies sing
The songs their mothers knew
Tie bright ribbons in my hair
Lean on the wind and watch me while I dance for you

And carry me off to the rainforests of distant Camaroon
Tell me that you’ve always know that
I am the Queen of Hearts
And the daughter of the moon

We must accept judgement and go on with our life…


As people rise from their graves in greeting, an angel blasts a trumpet. The Judgement card serves as a reminder that you can’t escape or hide from your past. You must accept the situation and go on with your life. As the dead rise and sins are pardoned, now is the moment to finish whatever you’ve been putting off. Most essential, you must first be ready to forgive in order to be forgiven.
Judgment is a tale about transition and moving on, but unlike Death or the Tower, it is about change that comes through reason and the consequences of your choices, rather than from chance or intuition. It denotes the completion of your plans, which have frequently been in the works for a long time. If it refers to the future, it may also be indicating the nature of the shift; if a decision has to be taken, ponder and allow your thoughts lead you. Logic, rather than intuition, is a superior guide in this instance. Prepare to make a significant choice in your life, one for which you will bear the repercussions for many years.
Judgment Day has taken on a crazed meaning in recent years; if no one is warning us that it is approaching, they are telling us how awful it will be. How often do we hear about Judgment Day being a wonderful thing? Older generations used to pray for the coming of the Judgment Day, which would whisk them away to heaven and away from all their earthly woes. They yearned to be free of their responsibilities and carried into the skies, to begin a new life for a time. This is the Judgement card’s energy.
You would anticipate something a little more ominous from a card named “Judgement.” A huge angel in the sky blows a loud horn on the cover. A white flag with a red cross in the centre is attached to the trumpet. The dead are rising from their graves underneath the surface of the Earth. They seem to be ecstatic, with several of them lifting their palms to the heavens in celebration. One lady even puts her arms right under the blowing trumpet, allowing the sound to revive her.
The primary idea flowing through the Judgement card is rebirth. The souls of the deceased rise from their graves, cleaned, alive, and eager to begin a new life in paradise. When you encounter the word Judgement in your readings, be prepared for a fresh start. The Judgement cards also urge you to let go of everything that is keeping you back, even if it is something you previously treasured. After all, people being carried to heaven won’t be allowed to retain their bodies, right? Why would they need them in their new existence? They won’t, to be sure. As a result, they abandon them. Be ready and willing to let go of the things you don’t need in order to live a better, healthier life.
The Answer Will Come From Within
The darker aspect of Judgment Day is impossible to forget: while the virtuous are reincarnated, the wicked are thrown into the Lake of Fire. Judgement requires us to cast judgement on ourselves – an impartial, honest judgement. Examine your life from the perspective of a third-person observer. What would you tell yourself if you were in your shoes? What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time and do things differently? What choices would you be able to make without firsthand experience? Take a stance for yourself – examine yourself and your life and make the difficult decisions that are required.
Judgement poses many questions to us; try asking some of them to yourself. What are you undecided about? Are you undecided about something? What are you hanging on to in your life that is preventing you from moving forward? Is it possible for you to let go? What fat should be removed from your life in order to cleanse it?
What Judgement Means for You Today
You are usually the one giving advice to your friends. Somehow everything seems clearer to you when it involves someone else, and they value your perspective. But you drew Judgement today because you must turn that impartial eye inward, onto yourself. You have been grappling with a difficult decision that involves a fresh start or new way of doing things. But unfortunately, your friends and family won’t have the answer. The answer must come from within. What advice would you give yourself on this important matter?
The primary idea flowing through the Judgement card is rebirth. The souls of the deceased rise from their graves, cleaned, alive, and eager to begin a new life in paradise. When you encounter the word Judgement in your readings, be prepared for a fresh start. The Judgement cards also urge you to let go of everything that is keeping you back, even if it is something you previously treasured. After all, people being carried to heaven won’t be allowed to retain their bodies, right? Why would they need them in their new existence? They won’t, to be sure. As a result, they abandon them. Be ready and willing to let go of the things you don’t need in order to live a better, healthier life.


the Queen contemplates the worlds within…


from Maria Loren,,,

If you have been struggling with money lately, keep in mind that this is an invitation to think constructively about positive habits to build, not to worry more about finance. The Queen of Pentacles doesn’t fret: she “contemplates”.

According to The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite, The Queen of Pentacles as the following:
The face suggests that of a dark woman, whose qualities might be summed up in the idea of greatness of soul; she has also the serious cast of intelligence; she contemplates her symbol and may see worlds therein.
Divinatory Meanings: Opulence, generosity, magnificence, security, liberty.
Reversed: Evil, suspicion, suspense, fear, mistrust.
We often think of the suit of pentacles as the suit related to finance. This suit is connected to the material world, and in life today, finance questions are a huge part of our material world.
When we look at the Queen of Pentacles, we see our queenly figure cradling one large pentacle—or coin—in her lap. She regards it with a serious expression, which tells us she has the “cast of intelligence”.
When we think of finance and a queen with a glittering crown, we think of opulence. But when we think of finance and an intelligent, serious woman, we might instead think of responsible financial decisions and financial security.
So, our Queen of Pentacles today invites us to consider opulence and security. Let’s reflect on how we are using our spending habits to support us today and prepare us for our futures.
Are the choices we are making in our daily lives ones that provide us with quick pleasure or long-lasting confidence?
Opulence and Financial Security
Think for a moment about coffee, a beverage many of us consume on a regular basis. An opulent version of the drink could come from a fancy coffee chain complete with toppings and syrups, maybe even some whipped cream if you are feeling particularly decadent.
On the other hand, if you kept your eyes out for a sale, you could likely get a one-pound bag of ground coffee from the grocery store for the same amount of money that you would spend on just one of those opulent drinks.
Choosing ground coffee over the opulent choice is choosing security; it is choosing the ability to know you can afford your coffee every day.
This is not to say that opulence does not have a place in your life. Consider the more opulent choice as the luxury it is. Like with the fancy coffee, it can be delightful to treat yourself to something special on occasion. But remember that it is truly delightful in the long-term to build financial habits that will support you moving forward in life.
The example of coffee is particularly pertinent because it seems so small a thing. So what if you spend a few extra dollars on fancy coffee during your week?
Well, a couple of years of those frequent drinks, and you have shelled out thousands of dollars.
Thinking about things in the bigger pictures like this can feel disconcerting, but don’t be discouraged. The great news is that in the exact same way that small amounts of money add up, so too do small changes and small habits.
For you, the thing to change may not be coffee habits, but the Queen of Pentacles wants you to reflect today. Consider the way she is looking at her coin, and imitate her, taking a good look at your own financial situation.
Finance For Our Future
No matter where you are in your life, you can work on money habits that help you reach your financial goals. If you don’t already have one, take some time today to look into different finance applications that help you keep on top of your spending and stay on track with any goals for financial security you have.
If you are already signed up with one of these applications, spend this time checking back in with your goals and making sure that you are progressing in the way you want to be.
If you have been struggling with money lately, keep in mind that this is an invitation to think constructively about positive habits to build, not to worry more about finance. The Queen of Pentacles doesn’t fret: she “contemplates”.

good things are happening now and in the future…


Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Grant Virtue
Abundance is all around you.
Start by thinking of your affirmations. To continue in the money vein, perhaps you might think of something such as ‘I am worthy of prosperity’ or ‘I accept unexpected prosperity entering my life’.
Repeat these to yourself until it becomes a habit to think positively about your chosen area of abundance (and don’t be afraid to focus on multiple areas at once!). The more you resonate with your chosen area(s) the higher the degree of return you’ll see; the first step in doing this is by changing how you think.
The next step is to break the habit of speaking negatively about the abundance you’re seeking. Instead of complaining about the degree of broke you are, try repeating your affirmations. Say them out loud so that you can hear them in your own voice.
Today your angels want you to focus on manifesting abundance in the present. When you only think of good things happening in the future, that’s where they’ll stay: in the future. Your angels are asking you to be more mindful in your spirit, words, and actions as they assist you with reaching an abundance mindset.
But what is the abundance mindset?
At its most simple form, the abundance mindset is when you speak words of affirmation instead of doubt. Rather than complaining about your finances, for example, try expressing gratitude for what you do have. When you complain about money you are subconsciously blocking the flow of abundance from your angels.
It can be easy to fall into a pattern of negative words, thoughts, and emotions but your angels are here to remind you that you attract what you broadcast into the Universe and to what degree. Fretting and sweating about nightmare scenarios will attract that outcome to you, so be careful with what you say and think.
This also triggers your spirit to begin resonating on the frequency it needs to attract abundance. The Universe is listening so speak words of prosperity, love, and positivity to yourself.
When you’ve changed your thoughts and words, you will start to feel abundance surrounding you. Peace and happiness will flow through you. Optimism will be easier to attain. Your angels are preparing you to receive abundance and, by being open and accepting, you’re signaling to your angels that you are ready as well.
Now we come to seeing the changes that you’ve manifested. With money, it’s easy to see the difference between zero and one hundred, so it’s easy to know when your angels have graced you with abundance and to what degree. Gaining or losing weight is the same way.
But what about more intangible things? How will you know when you have manifested more happiness in your life?
The answer is simple: you won’t know the exact moment. One day you’ll look up and realize that you’re truly happy; that love has entered your life and you’re content. In retrospect, you may discover the exact moment or action you took that led you there, but at the time you may not realize what a turning point it is. Remember to listen to your angel’s guidance when it comes to these decisions and follow your intuition.
The main take away from this message is that you are in charge of the degree of your belief when it comes to abundance. What you project into the universe is what will return to you, so be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions.

A Tarot Reading from Elissa…



The Six of Wands – I almost laughed out loud when I pulled the Six of Wands, Jeanne! It represents transition and change, and the letting go of old baggage and grudges. To me, this is a very clear representation of the beginning our relationship – perhaps even before we met. When you contacted me, I know you were feeling down and listless, unsure where to go next and even a little anxious of change. Together though, as you know, we embarked down a path of transition together and this was an extremely significant moment in your life so it’s no wonder the tarot felt it necessary to highlight this time.


The Knight of Pentacles – This card, when upright (which it was), represents hard work which is absolutely ideal for you and the journey you’ve undertaken here with me. It tells me that you’ve been productive and focused on your goal. Between you and me, I believe that you are working harder than almost any of my other clients which is another reason why I feel so connected to you. The Knight of Pentacles tells me that this hard work, new routine and focus is benefiting you and will lead you into a brighter future. Speaking of which…


The Page of Swords – To my delight, the Page of Swords is wholly representative of new ideas, new ways to communicate, curiosity and knowledge. These are all things you have been striving towards and to pull it now shows me that your efforts will not be in vain. In this way, it shows that your mind will open as it’s meant to and see more than the normal eye can see – expanding your mind and heightening your sensitivity to the psycho-activity that exists around you. It’s important to remember this card especially, as we strive towards this together. This is a sign from the universe that this is what it meant for you and with hard work and perseverance, you will have it.

Jeanne, this is a great reading and I hope it helps you put some perspective on your journey. Together, we’ve already achieved so much and we’ll continue until you have the success you desire. In a little while, you’ll receive your next course development program where we’ll talk more about techniques to help you train and strengthen your mind’s eye.

Wishing you peace,


Hope for God’s Mercy…


Jesus decided to go outside the Israelites, the high priests, the wealthy and the clean to include the poor and blind and deaf in his mercy and salvation. He pours forth a gift of faith and watches to see if the called will serve with and show faith and good works! Even the poor will be welcome at the table of love and bread. They will open up and extend themselves to the needy. Include the needy in their boundaries, as Christ did.
James 2:1-10, 11-13, 14-17.

Sept 4

The faults of Man…

Advice to a Girl by

Thomas Campion

Never love unless you can

Bear with all the faults of man!

Men sometimes will jealous be

Though but little cause they see,

And hang the head as discontent,

And speak what straight they will repent.

Men, that but one Saint adore,

Make a show of love to more;

Beauty must be scorned in none,

Though but truly served in one:

For what is courtship but disguise?

True hearts may have dissembling eyes.

Men, when their affairs require,

Must awhile themselves retire;

Sometimes hunt, and sometimes hawk,

And not ever sit and talk:

If these and such-like you can bear,

Then like, and love, and never fear!

“Advice to a Girl” by Thomas Campion. Public Domain.

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