Why Grandma’s hem has to touch her ankles


art  by Elizabeth Rose Stanton


some of the grands are still crawling

and they need to grab the nearest Nana fabric

to chew on

while other delicious scents can brush the lace

and call over the pets

to the cookie jar

the pumpkin pie




nana feet



essence of comfort!


Split the reflection


painting by Neil Waldman


play God:

split the reflection

layer the birch trunks

under the fall leaves-

and above the dots of moonlit dapples

and the deep black ground

above the edge of blue water

and white trunks

diminishing dots of ghostly waving trunks

subdued orange reflections

blue shadows

and that deep black ground reflected at the bottom

another black hole of possibilities


Turn and Look


middle age has a tough time turning to look


grands have no trouble

turning to grin at Nana-

but my son

has to follow my weird directions

and wonders ’bout my sanity

“face away”, he wonders

“from my mother on Mother’s Day”

with my biking shoes

and their LLBean boots

purchased for them by Nana- obliging,

diligently winking with side looks

back to the village that raises them.


No pressure


Ponds of Fox Hollow


I wanted to buy a week with the

Ponds of Fox Hollow,

not because of the boating in the pond

or the fishing

or the indoor heated pool and hot tub

or the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condos

or the opportunities for my grandchildren from Austerlitz to play in such beauty,

but for the camaraderie

that I could have

with all the silver haired members of the Board

who dedicate their service

for decades

with grace


Mothers All



mothers all

are they

who see

overflow with soul


never turn away

Hello Hot tub


subdued by the waves, heat, attentive parent, grandparent, and Lenox


my grands find their fins

swim under water,

practice sharing water space

water waves

water heat

water manners

water rumbling

water towels

and water’s baptism in a spa

from the God of Lenox!


Pool Happiness


Jeanne’s watercolor of Owen at 3 years old

“I love you, Nana!”

shouts Oliver as he splashes into the indoor pool

for the 100th time

clutching his noodle to buffer his plunge-

to allow him to weather a swim

under the roof

during the thunder storm overhead.


I did indeed

find us a condo at the Ponds at Fox Run in Lenox

which offers him swim, fish, supper

in all kinds of weather.

Perhaps I’ll name him my campaign manager

for my run as “nana of the year!”


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