The Munsters

Photo on 2009-11-26 at 20.57

In 2009, our wild things came to visit


magic mirror on

the wall, who’s the weirdest of

us all? The app knows!


When the arms on the chair are wide enough…


In 2012, the arms were wide enough@ Quenby’s house


everyone’s cheeks smiled

for the lap, warmth, scent, grand-cats,

and Massachusetts kin

In 2008…


there was a honeymoon in Hawaii


and a nine year trip

began with music, trust and

understanding grown

Is the rainbow a two way street?

Over and over I see double rainbows these days

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

Can wind blow the rainbow away? Can wind blow the rainbow away?
Rainbow shows spectrum
Sunshine-rain combo-arbour
Drifting by the wind.

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When Grands get out of hand…


Paul, Penny, and Lauren’s boys…Sept 2017


cast? birthday candles?

grimace? neck crunch?Paul-dismay?

Penny-frown from far?

Hai-kuuu! God bless you!


JOY ACEY  @ Highlights Foundation


A Sprinkling of Haiku for you:


with stillness
standing by the meadow


bees humming
tipping pink edges
of the white hydrangea


rusty wheel
on the rock wall
color weeping


one bird chirp
the cricket song.



When editors become Grandmas


Kim Griswell and Lola


punctuation marks

exclaim! paragraphs curtsy:

minute minuet!


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