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US Capitol Building in spring of 2021 with metal security fence

US Capitol Building

On this date in 1800, the United States Congress met in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., for the first time. Construction had begun on the domed building in 1793, but it soon fell behind schedule and went over budget, so in 1796 the planners made the decision to build only the Senate wing. On move-in day, some of the rooms were still incomplete, but the building was sufficiently finished to accommodate the Senate, as well as the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and some district courts. President John Adams had pushed for the move, even though the building wasn’t complete, because he hoped to gain Southern votes for his re-election campaign.
The weather didn’t cooperate, christening the first day of the new session and the new building with heavy snow. The welcoming parade had to be canceled, and congressmen were delayed trying to get to their offices, with only 15 making it into the chamber on opening day; it would be a further four days before enough senators were there to answer the quorum call and open the session. At that point, the House and Senate sent word to President Adams that they awaited his address. He arrived the following day; his was to be the last personal address to Congress by a president for the next 113 years.
Members of Congress were less than pleased with their new accommodations. Although richly appointed, the building leaked and had no heat. Washington was a primitive backwater, especially when compared to the civilized and well-established Philadelphia, where they had met for the preceding 10 years. One New York senator observed that Washington needed only “houses, cellars, kitchens, well-informed men, amiable women, and other little trifles of this kind” to make it perfect.
In its early days, the Capitol moonlighted as a church on the weekends; beginning with the Jefferson administration in 1801, church services were held every Sunday in the House of Representatives. Jefferson did not feel that this violated the separation of church and state, because attendance was voluntary and the services were nondiscriminatory — at least as long as you were Protestant, since all (and only) Protestant denominations were represented. Jefferson and his successor, James Madison, attended the services themselves. Worship services were expanded to include Catholic mass in 1826, and church meetings in the House continued until after the Civil War.
Both wings of the Capitol were completed just in time for the building to be burned by the British in 1814, during the War of 1812. Reconstruction began in 1815 and was completed in 1819; the first dome, however, wasn’t complete until 1826. By 1850, with the ongoing influx of new states and their new congressmen, it was clear that an expansion was in order. Built largely by slave labor, the new Capitol was nearly twice as long, which threw it out of proportion to the original dome. In 1855, they tore down the old timber dome and replaced it with the cast-iron version we’re familiar with today: three times the height of the original, and topped with a 20-foot statue of a woman holding a sword and a laurel wreath, known as Freedom Triumphant in War and Peace, or sometimes, Armed Freedom.
from the Poetry Almanac 11/17/22


“Dialogue does not water down, but creates fraternal alliances in the name of our Father Abraham, who was a pilgrim on earth under the merciful gaze of the one God of Heaven, the God of peace… And why do I saw that dialogue does not water down? Because in order to dialogue you need to have your own identity. If you do not have your own identity, you cannot dialogue because you do not even understand who you are. For a dialogue to be good, it always has to be rooted in one’s own identity, to be aware of your own identity, and from there dialogue can take place.” 

Pope Francis

Dialogue is “the oxygen of peace”


This chapter of your life is called a new beginning.

The tarot card of the day is the Ten of Pentacles in reverse.
The Ten of Pentacles card shows an image of a woman with full hands, and ten coins surround her. She is being watched by a man who appears to be following her.

The card represents a flow of prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. But, on the other hand, the Ten of Pentacles reversed represents a fresh start.
For example, perhaps you want to continue your education and return to school after a year of traveling. Or maybe you and your ex-boyfriend finally find your way back to each other.
Whatever the case, the Ten of Pentacles reversed prompts you to start fresh with a clean slate.
It’s normal to feel anxious or afraid during a time of transition. Starting over again may sound scary at first, but eventually, you’ll see that it’s for your benefit. Remind yourself that you’re going through this journey because you want to make good changes in your life.
Life Can Begin Anew at Any Age or Moment
You could be a sixteen-year-old student or a forty-year-old divorcee. Whatever your current circumstance, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this is just temporary. After that, you can design the life you’ve always wanted for yourself.
If you are ready to take on a new challenge, then the Ten of Pentacles is here to guide you. Start by taking a deep breath and letting go of all the stress and anxiety you might be feeling right now. After that, list everything you wish to accomplish in the coming month.

While meditating, let these goals sink into your subconscious. Then, close your eyes and visualize yourself accomplishing them. See yourself living your dream. Feel the excitement as you realize that you are finally moving forward and leaving behind the past.
When you open your eyes, write down everything you saw and felt. Repeat these actions to help you keep your long-term goals and ambition in mind. Use this information to motivate yourself every day and get going.
Starting Over
The Ten of Pentacles reversed suggests a situation where you must begin anew. You may feel as if something fundamental has been lost, whether a job, a partner or material things.
Looking closely, you’ll see that you gained something during this transition period. It could be anything from a new skill to new values and aspirations.
You may have had to learn what it takes to survive. You might have had to find out what matters to you. And you may have discovered things you can’t get from your usual education. But, now, you have a greater understanding of life and its workings.
Even if the result isn’t as expected, it is far from a failure. Instead, see it as another opportunity to grow and evolve. Just remember that starting over isn’t easy.

Once the initial difficulties are over, you’ll realize that the advantages outweigh them. In short, the Ten of Pentacles reversed can positively influence your life.
Be an Inspiration and a Gift to Those around You
The Ten of Pentacles symbolizes the ability to give something away for free. This could mean giving away money, knowledge, or even ideas. When this card appears in a reading, it often tells us that we are about to embark upon a journey that involves sharing our talents, education, or abilities.
Humans need each other to thrive. So if you want to impact someone’s life significantly, consider offering them something valuable. It could be anything from teaching a skill to simply being there for them.
When we look at the Ten of Pentacles in this way, we see that we possess a lot of value that can be shared with others. We also gain from the exchange because we receive more than we gave. What better way to show gratitude than to share our gifts with those around us?
Revisit one of your abandoned goals or plans. Take this time to reevaluate your reasons for wanting to achieve it. If you still feel passionate about it, then you should definitely pursue it again!

“Dialogue is “the oxygen of peace”. Even for peace in our homes, right? If there is war there between husband and wife, with dialogue they can move ahead in peace. In the family, dialogue, for peace is preserved through dialogue.” 
Pope Francis

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

I love the art and life of this marvelous artist. I walked thru her studio. Breathed her scent. Fell in love!


It’s the birthday of artist Georgia O’Keeffe (books by this author), born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (1887). She had her first exhibition in 1916, at photographer Alfred Stieglitz’s 291 Gallery, without her knowledge. She had sent some of her charcoal drawings to a friend, who in turn showed them to Stieglitz, who hung them in his gallery. Within two years, he had convinced her to move to New York from Texas, where she’d been living and teaching. He encouraged her to devote herself to painting, promising to support her for a year if she did so, and he promoted her work enthusiastically, mounting one-woman shows at least once a year. By 1918, they were in love, and in 1924, they were married. She painted lush flowers, dramatic cityscapes, and bleached bones; he photographed her, more than 500 times over the years, his intimate portraits of her graceful, angular face telling a pictorial love story. “He photographed me until I was crazy,” she later said.Stieglitz and O’Keeffe wrote each other letters, a great many letters, sometimes three or four a day: 25,000 pages passed between them from 1915 to 1946. “I’m getting to like you so tremendously that it sometimes scares me,” O’Keeffe wrote in 1916. ” … Having told you so much of me — more than anyone else I know — could anything else follow but that I should want you …” He wrote to her in 1917, “How I wanted to photograph you — the hands — the mouth — & eyes — & the enveloped in black body — the touch of white — & the throat — but I didn’t want to break into your time …” The first volume of their correspondence, titled My Faraway One and covering the years from 1915 to 1933, was published earlier this year. O’Keeffe’s other great love was the landscape around Taos, New Mexico. She took her first trip there in 1929, and returned every summer to paint. After Stieglitz’s death in 1946, she moved to New Mexico permanently. She gave up painting in oils when her eyesight failed in the mid-1970s, but continued to work in pencil and watercolor for several more years. In 1982, she began sculpting with clay, which she continued until two years before her death in 1986, at the age of 98. I love the art and life of this marvelous artist. I walked thru her studio. Breathed her scent. Fell in love!

“All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald



Grief unwraps me
Like the soil, unearthed.

I feel the cold
The fingers turn to dust.

Lie on me, cover me;
Plant the seed of

Reborn again!

all rights

“Let us always remain close to our brothers and sisters in martyred Ukraine. Close in prayer and with concrete solidarity. Peace is possible! Let us not resign ourselves to war.” 
Pope Francis

What does the new Jerusalem look like?


Signs of the end:

False prophets, fear, ugliness in politics, the destruction of the temple, and natural disasters.

But Jesus is coming too. Chronos is the love He showed by His death and resurrection. We can restore our humanity to love. We can combine eternity and earth. The Holy Communion gathers heaven and earth. Makes holy the bread and the wine. We are Christ’s presence in the world.

“Several months ago, the world was emerging from the tempest of the pandemic, showing signs of an economic recovery that could benefit millions of people reduced to poverty by the loss of their jobs. A patch of blue sky was opening that, without detracting from our sorrow at the loss of our dear ones, promised to bring us back to direct interpersonal relations and to socializing with one another once more without further prohibitions or restrictions. Now, however, a new catastrophe has appeared on the horizon… What great poverty is produced by the senselessness of war! Wherever we look, we can see how violence strikes those who are defenseless and vulnerable. We think of the deportation of thousands of persons, above all young boys and girls, in order to sever their roots and impose on them another identity. I think at this time of the generosity that in recent years has led entire populations to open their doors to welcome millions of refugees from wars in the Middle East, Central Africa and now Ukraine… May this 2022 World Day of the Poor be for us a moment of grace. May it enable us to make a personal and communal examination of conscience and to ask ourselves whether the poverty of Jesus Christ is our faithful companion in life.” 
Pope Francis

How can I balance work and Life?



by Billy Collins

Not those women who lure sailors

onto a reef with their singing and their tresses,

but the screams of an ambulance

bearing the sick, the injured, and the dying

across the rational grid of the city.

We get so used to the sound

it’s just another sharp in the city’s tune.

Yet it’s one thing to stop on a sidewalk

with other pedestrians to watch one

flashing and speeding down an avenue

while a child on a corner covers her ears

and a shopkeeper appears in a doorway,

but another thing when one gets stuck

in traffic and seems to be crying for its mother

who has fled to another country.

Everyone keeps walking along then,

eyes cast down—for after all,

there’s nothing we can do,

and today we are not the one peering

up at the face of an angel dressed in scrubs.

Some of us are late for appointments

a few blocks away, while others

have the day off and take their time

angling across a broad, leafy avenue

before being engulfed by the green of a park.

“Sirens” by Billy Collins from The Rain in Portugal. © Random House, 2016.

“Brothers and sisters, the power of Jesus is love. Jesus gives us the power to love in this way, which for us seems superhuman. This ability, though, cannot be merely the result of our own efforts; it is primarily the fruit of God’s grace. A grace that must be implored insistently: “Jesus, you who love me, teach me to love like you. Jesus, you who forgive me, teach me to forgive like you. Send your Spirit, the Spirit of love, upon me.” Let us ask for this grace. So often we bring our requests before the Lord, but what is essential for us as Christians is to know how to love as Christ loves. His greatest gift is the ability to love, and that is what we receive when we make room for the Lord in prayer, when we welcome his presence in his transforming word and in the revolutionary humility of his broken Bread. Thus, slowly, the walls that harden our hearts tumble, and we find our joy in carrying out works of mercy towards everyone.” 
Pope Francis

Sometimes breakups bring comfort, relief and gladness…


How do I move on from a break-up?

Breakups are often difficult; while some individuals experience a complete upheaval of their environment and believe that nothing can ever be right again, others, on the other hand, may experience comfort, relief, and gladness.You see, there is no such thing as the correct or incorrect way to react at a time like this. What you need to remember is that the feelings you are experiencing are okay; many individuals experience them. So, just be patient with yourself; recovering from a breakup takes as much time as it will take.Even though it might be enticing to rush through the process of getting over a split, it might require some patience and effort, as well as some support from others. Just remember to put yourself first right now so you can move on after a breakup. So today, we are using the Healing with The Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue to help divine the angels’ advise about this situation.Help! I Can’t Stop Thinking About My Ex!And, what comes through immediately is that you have been wishing that you could move on from your ex, but every little thing keeps on reminding you of them. It’s possible that a breakup doesn’t always provide resolution, leaving you tormented by regret and persistent thoughts of your ex-partner.There can be many reasons you can’t stop thinking about an ex. For example, you still haven’t distanced yourself from the connection. The split can have been brought on by an unsolved problem, or you might still be mourning the connection and feel as though you never truly got closure.It’s also possible that you’re romanticising the connection and seeing it through rose-tinted spectacles.Additionally, you could be triggered by specific types of sounds, smells, events, or anything else that conjures up old memories. Remembering your former partner may help you hang onto some of the emotions that trigger memories of a period when you were emotionally fulfilled. In spite of all of this, know that each and every one of your prayers will always be heard. It’s possible that you won’t always feel this way though, especially if you’re waiting for an answer that doesn’t arrive the way you want it to.It’s feasible that an instinctive sense will come to you, a fresh prospect will present itself, or something similar as a sign to spur you on. It’s crucial now to pay additional attention to what is going on around you.Take note of everything you observe, speak, imagine, and experience at this precise moment. Keep a particularly sharp eye out for assistance coming your way and make it a point to take it when it’s offered.Looking Forward to an Ex-Free FutureAt this very moment, the angels are assisting you. Keep on soliciting their aid, and when it finally arrives, make sure you’re ready to take it! You are surrounded by an abundance of benefits at this very moment. Even though you may not realize it, you are so abundantly blessed. With this in mind, actively see yourself as a strong, powerful person. You don’t need to rely on anyone apart from yourself. Yes, you might feel as though you are trying to convince yourself that you’re a superhero to begin with. However, you CAN think yourself free of your ex.Right now, get a pen and a piece of paper and write down everything you love about the single life. Count every single last one of your blessings as you go. And, whenever you start thinking about your ex, take a look at all these reasons why being single is amazing. You can have the time of your life on your own with no one else at all to answer to! You have been working so hard to move on after your breakup, and you know what? You’re going to continue to do brilliantly. Just enjoy yourself and if you ever feel some niggling little feelings of missing your ex creeping in again, understand that this is perfectly normal. After all, he/she was a huge part of your life for a while, so it stands to reason that you would still think of them occasionally. Just accept it and move on because happiness is set to envelope you more and more each and every day because you are working at it.At this point in your life, you are experiencing a period that is bright and joyful. You have been putting in effort to make improvements, and those goals have now begun to take shape as a result of your efforts.At this moment, you should try your best to cultivate a heartfelt sense of appreciation and give thanks for being able to move on from the past so that you free yourself up to meet someone you resonate beautifully with on every level imaginable!


“We can be committed to loving, but it is not enough if we restrict this commitment to the close circle of those who love us, who are our friends, who are like us or who are our family members… Loving our neighbor, those close to us, though reasonable, is exhausting enough… If people belong to the same family or nation, or have the same ideas or tastes and profess the same beliefs, it is normal for them to try to help one another and to love one another. Yet what happens if those who are far distant approach us, if foreigners, who are different or hold other beliefs, become our neighbours?… To love our enemies is to make this earth a reflection of heaven; it is to draw down upon our world the eyes and heart of the Father who does not distinguish or discriminate, but “makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” (Matthew 5:45).” Pope Francis

A marriage of reciprocation and fulfillment…


Today is the birthday of Martin Luther, born in Eisleben, Saxony, in what is now Germany (1483). He was a theologian, a prolific writer, and a religious reformer that sparked the Protestant Reformation.He was also a devoted husband who once wrote: “There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.” Luther met Katharina von Bora in 1523, when she came under his protection in Wittenberg. She was a former nun who had escaped her Cistercian cloister by hiding in a grocer’s covered wagon. The Reformation was in its infancy, and people were still shocked when former nuns, monks, and priests got married. Many of Luther’s friends were scandalized when he told them he was thinking of marrying von Bora, but eventually he decided that his marriage would “please his father, rile the pope, cause the angels to laugh and the devil to weep.”The newlyweds moved into a former monastery that was called “the Black Cloister.” Kate had the building painted white, and remodeled it to allow for more spacious rooms. She also took over the family finances. Luther made a relatively modest income, so she helped out by brewing beer and raising cows, chickens, geese, pigs, and bees. To supplement their income, she took in boarders. She also saw to it that Luther took care of himself, making sure he ate regularly and dressed properly.Together they had six children of their own, and also at one point took in Luther’s six nephews and nieces. By all accounts, their home was a lively and happy place. They played lawn bowling together, made music and sang, and often hosted Luther’s students and colleagues for dinner.


“Brothers and sisters, let us look within and ask ourselves: are we peacemakers? In the places where we live, study and work, do we bring tension, words that hurt, chatter that poisons, controversy that divides? Or do we open up the way to peace, forgiving those who have offended us; do we care for those who are at the margins, do we redress some injustice by helping those who have less? This is called building peace… May the Virgin Mary, Queen of all saints, help us to be peacemakers in our daily lives.” Pope Francis

Notes from the Poetry Almanac…


Carl Sagan also persuaded NASA engineers to turn the Voyager I spacecraft around on Valentine’s Day in 1990, so that it could take a picture of Earth from the very edge of our solar system, about 4 billion miles away. In the photograph, Earth appears as a tiny bluish speck. Sagan later wrote of the photograph, “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives… [on] a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”
Poetry Almanac Nov 9, 2011
It’s the birthday of poet Anne Sexton (books by this author), born in Newton, Massachusetts (1928). Her books include The Starry Night (1961), Live or Die (1966), The Book of Folly (1972), and The Awful Rowing Toward God (1975). She said, “I wonder if the artist ever lives his life — he is so busy recreating it. Only as I write do I realize myself. I don’t know what that does to life.”

A change in perspective may be the key to appreciating the beauty that life has to offer.


The tarot card of the day is the reversed Seven of Cups.Seven cups are filled with various gifts. A man looks into each cup and sees something he desires. The cups represent his hopes and wishes, basically everything that makes him happy and fulfilled in life.The Seven of Cups represents the fulfillment of a dream. It is about the dream life you wish to have. But when the Seven of Cups is reversed, it serves as a reminder of the joy of living.You’re so busy with everyday routines that you don’t take time to appreciate the beauty around you. You may not be lacking in money or material things, yet you feel joyless and empty every day.Does this resonate with you?The Seven of Cups is a call to rediscover your inner happiness. You are a child of the stars, born into a world of mystery, wonder, and magic.Humans are born to be explorers, adventurers, seekers, dreamers, magicians, mystics, poets, artists, and philosophers. Now is the opportunity to find out what drives you. Begin to treat each day as though it were your last.Remember How to Dream AgainThe Seven of Cups in reverse might mean that you have forgotten how to dream and imagine. Instead of dreaming up wonderful stories, you have forgotten about the possibilities that exist outside of your mundane life.Reject the notion that life is all about work and no play. Dreaming gives us hope, inspiration, and creativity. Without dreams, we would all be robots. So, if you find yourself feeling uninspired, remember that you were meant to be here on Earth. Your soul has a plan for you.Let the water from the Cups run over you and heal you. There is no need to save water, you have an endless supply. Water can help you become refreshed and feel revitalized.A decision to save water is like keeping your spark and happiness inside so no one else can see this. Why do you feel you should hide away from your talents and who you are?You are not in a summer drought of life, you have everything you need right in front of you. Don’t save water; splash around in it and have fun.Your Life, Your Rules You might feel unmotivated and uninspired because you believe you’re trapped by societal norms. Maybe this person just bought their first house, or that person recently married, or someone else has just had a baby. Remember that these people are living the life they want to live. It doesn’t mean you need to dream exactly the same way.If you want to live in the woods in a cozy little cottage, then by all means, go for it! If your job is not fulfilling enough for you, then quit. If you think your relationship isn’t good enough, then leave.You’re not crazy if you desire to experience happiness. It’s your time, so make the most of it. Go ahead and shape your life the way you want it to be and make sure you’re doing it for YOURSELF.Start Romanticizing Your Life in a Healthy Way The Seven of Cups reversed suggests that you allow yourselves to relax and be open to your dreams, imaginations, and fantasies.You can do this by performing an exercise in romanticizing your life. For example, create a lovely little morning routine where you eat outside in nature. Or maybe change your route to work every once in a while to make it more exciting.Romanticizing your life is not about curating it to look perfect, it is about creating a space where you can enjoy what you already have. If you want to feel inspired, then start making simple changes in your day-to-day routine to add excitement.The man standing before the seven cups is eager to live his life because he has the opportunity to do so. But if you don’t have the privilege to wait for an opportunity, then create it.The Seven of Cups reversed suggests that you should take advantage of every moment that you have been given. Life starts in the morning, so, why not create a new morning routine that can lift your spirit for the rest of the day? Find a routine that can bring you the thrill of life and make you want to dream again.


“One must disarm the heart. Yes, because we are all equipped with aggressive thoughts against each other, and cutting words, and we think to defend ourselves with the barbed wire of lamentation and the concrete walls of indifference, and between lamentation and indifference we complain, and this is not peace, it is war.”

 Pope Francis 

Discernment is the narrative reading of the good moments and the dark moments…


“Discernment is the narrative reading of the good moments and the dark moments, the consolations and desolations we experience in the course of our lives. In discernment, it is the heart that speaks to us about God, and we must learn to understand its language. Let us ask, at the end of the day, for example: what happened today in my heart? Some think that carrying out this examination of conscience is to calculate the balance of sins – and we commit many – but it is also about asking oneself, “What happened within me, did I experience joy? What brought me joy? Was I sad? What brought me sadness? And in this way, we learn to discern what happens within us.” 
Pope Francis

Nov 8, 2022
It’s a natural aspect of being human to have feelings of melancholy now and again. However, experiencing prolonged emotions of sadness not only makes life more challenging but is also detrimental to one’s physical and mental health as a whole.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a relationship breakdown, the loss of a loved one or you’ve been laid off your job. If anything like this is the case, then it’s perfectly normal to feel down for a while. However, feeling at rock bottom for days on end is a sign that there is a problem.
With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what you can do. Today we are using the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue to bring depth and added insight from the angels to your reading.
How Do I Cope With These Feelings?

You have been feeling utterly exhausted recently. You have been running on empty for a while now. In fact, you might not even remember what it feels like to be feeling like yourself.

With this in mind, it’s crucial for you to practice some self-care now which means eating regularly (even if you don’t feel so hungry), sleeping well at night, seeing friends and family, keeping up with activities you enjoy and so many more lovely activities.
If you have lost interest for any protracted period of time in anything that you once used to enjoy, you could be suffering from depression. Therefore, it’s crucial that you seek medical help because it’s not possible to shake off depression alone. Especially if you’re experiencing periods of anger, crying or other very pronounced upsetting emotions, it’s important to your wellbeing to seek help.

Where Can I Go From Here?
When you’re feeling so rotten, it can be almost impossible to drag yourself out of that way of being. You might feel that there is no point in doing much at all because who really cares anyway. If you feel this way, have faith that things can and WILL only get better for you but that you need to focus on your health and wellbeing for that to manifest.

You can live a good and full life again. Yes, you may need to open up and talk about how you feel but you will begin to feel so much better in general when you manage this.
The angels want you to be aware that things are about to turn around for the better with regard to your health. You can hasten your recuperation by offering a prayer for help from the Archangel Raphael as well as the guardian angels who have been assigned to watch over you.

Practically speaking, you need to live a healthier lifestyle alongside making better decisions. Junk foods and chemicals can have negative effects on your health too, so if you sense the need to cleanse, listen to your intuition. Getting rid of the bad habits that you’ve been engaging in can help you feel more energized and powerful. So, start today!

Doreen Virtue The turqoise cards
If you’re worrying about being misunderstood and on your own, have faith that you will be supported. No one deserves to go through the feelings you are experiencing on their own so make that next move. Ask for help and understanding and it will be given to you. Don’t feel that it is selfish to need this. You deserve to be loved and cared for just as much as anyone else.
So, now you know that there are many different options open to you, open up your heart as you confide in someone close or a professional about your feelings and emotions.

Margaret Mitchell said, “The world can forgive practically anything except people who mind their own business.”

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