Those that belong to you will find their way to your arms.


Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue
Today’s message is all about sharing instead of competing. You may be working hard to succeed right now, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the journey to get there. Keep in mind that you’ll never have to endlessly chase something if it’s really meant for you. It might be about your dream job, your college degree, your business, or even your lifetime partner—still you are advised to cooperate instead of competing.

Let your angel help you find the people that are meant to be in your life.
Sometimes, it may be hard for you to be cooperative with people because competition is natural in our careers, the corporate world, in businesses, in relationships, with our friends, or with any part of our lives. Getting that dream job or receiving praise because of your degree and academic accomplishments is indeed very flattering—who doesn’t love compliments, right?
But then, in order to have those things, there’s no need to rush or prevent you from enjoying the whole journey. Usually, in order to climb up the high wall triumphantly, the best thing to do is to help each other. Uplift other people and they will also reciprocate. One good deed deserves another and paying it forward is an excellent practice.
Look at the world we’re living in now. New technologies are being discovered. The power of the internet has taken the world by storm. There are so many things you can do without pushing yourself to be in a field that you’re not meant to be. Online education is something that many people are pursuing these days.

Through online education platforms, you can develop your skills as you have the freedom to get the course you like. Here, you can also find people with whom you can collaborate while you’re on your way to success.
There’s no need to follow the path that most have forged before you because you are unique—and you’re meant to carve your own destiny. Let the angels guide you on the road you’re supposed to march on. Ask them to direct you to people you can work well with, until you achieve what you’re aiming for.
Cooperating and collaborating with other people don’t just happen in situations like online education or on another virtual platform though. It’s also applicable when you’re doing it with people who you can actually interact with in person. It may also be with your friends or your neighbors whom you frequently see.

Divide the work and get multiplied success by cooperating with others.
It’s not only in certain tasks that collaborating with others is needed. Cooperation is essential for society to grow and function well. Competition may even lead to resentments, if it’s not a healthy one. However, teamwork will eventually lead to victorious outcomes which can bind people together.
Today, as you prepare yourself for work, school, or for anything you need to accomplish, ask your angel for guidance. Let go of the competitive mindset if it’s not a healthy one. If there’s really someone you need to compete with, it’s yourself. Be better than who you were before. Track your own progress without comparing your life to others.
Today, your angel wants to remind you that life is better if you have someone to share your highs and lows with. No matter how rich you are, how lofty your degree is, or how respected you are in society, you will always need to work with other people. After all, no man is an island. We all need each other.

Are you real?

Logan Ray Grant12-5-2020


“Life in our mortal flesh is beautifully “unfinished”, like certain works of art precisely due to their incompleteness have a unique charm. Because life down here is an “initiation”, not the fulfilment. We come into the world just like this, like real people, like people who advance in age but who are always real.”
Pope Francis

Joyce Carol Oates
Poetry Almanac June 16, 2011
 Are you real?

She once said, “A writer who has published as many books as I have has developed,
of necessity, a hide like a rhino’s,
While inside there dwells a frail, hopeful butterfly of a spirit.”

As the dream of eternal youth wanes…


“Human beings inevitably age, the dream of an eternal youth permanently retreats, decline is the destiny of any birth in time… wrinkles are a sign of experience, a sign of life, a sign of maturity, a sign of having made a journey. Do not touch them to become young, that your face might look young. What matters is the entire personality; it’s the heart that matters, and the heart holds on to the youth of good wine — the more it ages the better it is.”
Pope Francis

The tarot card of the day is The Hermit.
You have had a lot on your plate lately, leaving you with little time to introspect. The Hermit is urging you to set some time apart for reflection.
The Hermit is standing on the mountain peak with a lantern in one hand and staff in the other. He walked up the mountain in solitude to drown out the loud voices that kept him from hearing his own voice. Like The Hermit, you need time alone for some serious soul-searching.

Step back from your current situation and examine it from a distance. Are you on the right path? Are you listening to your own inner voice, or are you being influenced by others?
Take a break from socializing and being around other people. You need this time to yourself right now. Though it might feel like you’re alone, it’s actually a good thing. Use this time to focus on yourself and your needs.
If you’re feeling lost or unsure of your next step, The Hermit can help guide you. He’s the symbol of introspection and intuition. So, trust your intuition during this time, and you’ll be led in the right direction. If you’ve been neglecting your spirituality, now would be the best time to reconnect.

Look within yourself to find the answer.
The Hermit represents introspection, self-discovery, and internal redirection. This is a time for you to look within yourself for the answers to your questions. Reflect on what you want and how you can get there. The answer is likely already inside you; you just need to find it.
Trust your intuition, and don’t be afraid to explore new ideas or paths. With patience and endurance, you will find the answers you’re looking for. Follow your heart and instincts during this time – they won’t steer you wrong.
Embrace your spirituality.
Silence and isolation are essential to experience the divine. Similarly, The Hermit withdraws from society in order to reach the light within himself. Spend some time alone in nature and devote yourself to your spiritual practices.

The Hermit is here to remind you that the journey to enlightenment starts with self-analysis and contemplation. Remember, there’s no need to rush; the journey is the destination. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you explore your inner space.
You must be willing to work for the answers and not give up when they are not revealed to you immediately. The key is to trust in the process and have faith that everything will eventually make sense. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand it at the time.
If you let it, the universe will guide you to where you need to be.

Seek wise counsel.
If you’re feeling lost and uncertain of your next steps, it might be helpful to seek the counsel of a wiser person in your life. If you don’t have one, try reading about philosophy, religion, or any other spiritual topic that interests you.
Alternatively, lookup advice columns online or in magazines. A small, trusted company of like-minded spiritual people can also help you complete this journey in solitude.
By shining a light on your soul, you can forge your own unique path. You’ll have enough vision of what’s ahead of you to know where and when to plant your feet next, though not enough to see your complete life path. The best approach is to take one step at a time.
Some of your values, ambitions, and aspirations are bound to evolve as you get a more spiritual perspective on your life. For example, you will feel the desire to withdraw from the unbridled materialistic culture in society to focus on your inner world.

This mentor will urge you to dig within yourself for the answers you seek because he is a master in his profession.
Take some time to get away from the noise and distractions of everyday life, and explore your thoughts and feelings. Don’t try to rush or force things – the answers you’re looking for will come in their own time. Stay true to yourself and show kindness and compassion towards others, even if they don’t always return the favor.
Cancel your non-urgent plans today and take time for yourself. Things can wait. Today is a day to stay home or wander in nature, by yourself, and reflect. Write in your journal, do a meditation, and move at a slower pace. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up with the answers you’ve been seeking.

See the kingdom of God…




The seeds
see the nucleus
the nucleus the
the cell sees the
of spirit energy
origin of
the circle of
the beating of

all rights
Jeanne Poland

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022
“Jesus says… that in order to “see the kingdom of God”, one needs to be “born anew” from above. This does not mean starting over from birth, repeating our coming into the world, hoping that a new reincarnation will re-open our chance at a better life… Indeed, it would empty all meaning from the life we have lived, erasing it as if it were a failed experiment, an expired and lost value. No, this is not the rebirth that Jesus speaks of. It is something else. This life is precious in God’s eyes — it identifies us as creatures loved tenderly by Him. This “born anew” that allows us to “enter” the kingdom of God is a generation in the Spirit, a passage through the waters toward the promised land of a creation reconciled with the love of God. It is a rebirth from above with the grace of God. It is not being reborn physically another time.”
Pope Francis


Where can I go to be docile and open to the Holy Spirit?


MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2022
“Brothers and sisters, let us sit at the school of the Holy Spirit, so that he can teach us all things. Let us invoke him each day, so that he can remind us to make God’s gaze upon us our starting point, to make decisions by listening to his voice, and to journey together as Church, docile to him and open to the world.”
Pope Francis
 Psalm 5
Lord, listen to my groaning.
Hearken to my words, O LORD,
attend to my sighing.
Heed my call for help,
my king and my God!
Lord, listen to my groaning.
At dawn I bring my plea expectantly before you.
For you, O God, delight not in wickedness;
no evil man remains with you;
the arrogant may not stand in your sight.Lord, listen to my groaning.
You hate all evildoers.
You destroy all who speak falsehood;The bloodthirsty and the deceitful
the LORD abhors.
Lord, listen to my groaning.

Where is the divine circle where our hearts grow in gentleness and love?


three angels who visited Abraham on the mountain

to highlight the Trinity

They represent the love between the Father the Creator, the Son the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit the Sanctifier.

The divine Circle makes our heart grow in gentleness and love.

This is sacramental living

the gentle movement of submission.

The dragons or the angels?

Dragon_IMG_0159 copy

“The Holy Spirit will never tell you that on your journey everything is going just fine. He will never tell you this, because it isn’t true. No, he corrects you; he makes you weep for your sins; he pushes you to change, to fight against your lies and deceptions, even when that calls for hard work, interior struggle and sacrifice. The evil spirit, on the contrary, pushes you to do always what you want, what you find pleasing. He makes you think that you have the right to use your freedom any way you want. Then, once you are left feeling empty inside – and how many of us have known that terrible feeling of emptiness! – then he blames you and casts you down. The evil spirit blames you, he becomes the accuser. He casts you down and destroys you. The Holy Spirit, correcting you along the way, never leaves you lying on the ground: He takes you by the hand, comforts you and constantly encourages you.”
Pope Francis

Instead of looking at guns, I…….


Like to see Don and I in Delafield Wisconsin,

in 1989

on the green

in between

the Smith family and the Poland family.

Looking Down the Road, seeing the future
The Column:06.10.22
Garrison Keillor

It would appear that five of the Supremes are favoring an absolute right to possess any weaponry whatsoever by whoever has the cash, and to bear arms without restriction in schools, churches, shopping centers, aboard airliners, in the courtroom itself, that a right is a right, period. And when the Executive Quintet opens those doors, we’ll see dramatic changes here in the land of the free and home of the brazen, such as the man police apprehended carrying a gun near Justice Kavanaugh’s home last week, with intent to do harm.
We have 400 million guns now and when we get up to a billion, there will be more men with guns than police can apprehend, and it’s safe to say that no parent will send children to school, even one with armed guards. Law enforcement has been overwhelmed in many cities, including Minneapolis, where police have begun to privatize themselves and hire out as freelance security. Education, I suppose, will move online. Millions of people will become consultants and work out of their homes; manufacturing will all go to China. The closing of schools will likely mean the end of interscholastic sports except fencing, sharpshooting, and bowling, which may be useful for self-defense.
Guns will be sold online and delivered by armored truck. When the number of guns hits two billion, gunfire will be as common as rainfall except constant, day and night.
Republicans will own most of the weapons and Democrats, as we know, can’t shoot straight. And Republicans will amend the Second Amendment to abridge the gun rights of trans people, critical race theory people, Planned Parenthood supporters, ACLU members, Unitarian Universalists, and undocumented immigrants except those engaged as farm or slaughterhouse workers. Jews will still have gun rights but they won’t enjoy those rights, they never did enjoy them, and so Jews may head for Canada, which means a sharp decline in philanthropy. Colleges and orchestras will suffer, opera companies will go under.
I must admit that none of this affects me particularly since I live in a 12th-floor apartment and I keep the shades drawn. It would take an awfully lucky shot to get me.
What troubles me is my Episcopal church. These are urbane Anglophiles, and so they’re not going to carry rifles on Sunday, lest they be mistaken for Baptists. And no pistols since we are Episcopalians, not Epistolarians. My people will try to protect themselves by high-minded pacifism and will come to church wearing only a breechcloth to show that they’re unarmed, and also to show solidarity with indigenous people. I, however, intend to come to church fully armed and carrying a ballistic shield. My problem is that our church is likely to draw a great many Presbyterians and Methodists trying to escape their armed co-believers, and I would not feel comfortable among Christians opposed to same-sex marriage and the ordination of women. Our rector is a woman and if Methodists came in and wrecked her ministry, we would be (pardon my French) up Merde River.
Yes, I could attend church by Zoom, but it’s not the same. Church is a place of deep emotion for me. I don’t cry at movies, but I do cry at church. The line from the psalm, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.” (Some people believe “rod” refers to a firearm but I doubt it.) I weep at the promise of resurrection. I go to pieces when we sing the hymn “I Am the Bread of Life” and I see old Episcopalians, men in pinstripe suits and bow ties and wingtip shoes, raising their hands up like Pentecostals when we sing, “And I will raise them up in the last day.” A few weeks ago we sang, “Shall we gather at the river where bright angels’ feet have trod” and my voice broke, I couldn’t sing. You miss out on this when you watch on Zoom, the sense of fellow feeling with other believers.
I am willing to kill in defense of my right to feel emotional fellowship. Shoot if you must, you SOB, but not during prayer or hymnody or when the Holy Word is read, or you’ll go down in a hail of lead. Go shoot some horned or furry mammalian, don’t come after this Episcopalian. Even as I sing God’s praises, you’ll go down as my six-gun blazes. I’m a Christian but I carry heat: next stop for you is the Judgment Seat.
FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2022
“The Spirit, at every crossroads in our lives, suggests to us the best path to follow. It is important, then, to be able to distinguish his voice from the voice of the spirit of evil. Both speak to us: we need to learn to distinguish the voice of the Spirit, to be able to recognize that voice and follow its lead, to follow the things he tells us.”
Pope Francis

Would you be the energy healer for other weary souls?



Daily Guidance From Your Angels by Doreen Virtue
Today’s message is a reminder that your life’s purpose is to give other people the energy healing work they need. Your angel is telling you that you’re like one of those solar panels which provide electricity to those who need its flow of power. To do so, you must first capture sunlight and store it until someone who needs to recharge comes to find you.
An energy healing therapy is all you need today.
Energy is the basic core of existence. Every human being needs power like how the lights and appliances in your home need electricity. There are instances that the natural flow of energy in a person’s body may be disturbed though.
Practitioners believe that energy may get stagnant in the body when there has been physical damage or perhaps mental anguish. These energy blockages may result in illness after some time.
Your angel is currently looking out for your body. You’re being advised to seek energy medicine that could remove the hindrances that can stunt your growth. This is the perfect time to learn more about Reiki or Qi Gong to get the energy healing you need.
Reiki helps to enhance the passage of energy and remove blockages in a way that’s similar to acupuncture and acupressure. Improving the flow of energy throughout the body can help boost relaxation, decrease pain, accelerate healing, and alleviate other symptoms of illness. Through the pouring of universal energy into your body, the healing benefits are amplified.
In Qi Gong, The healers have acquired a more in-depth knowledge of the practices, and they have directed their efforts on learning how to regulate Qi. Individuals who can manipulate Qi may emit Qi to cure others.
Your body is an amazing energy field that becomes even better the more that it’s loved and cared for. It’s almost the same as how solar panels work. The more energy it receives from the sun, the more it can also provide electricity to those attached to it. Remember, the sun is a light that brings sunshine, vibrance, and joy.
Bask under the light of the sun and emit your radiance.
There’s another thing your angel would like to remind you today. Keep in mind that you can only give out something you possess, and you can’t give what you lack. How can you provide electricity if you haven’t stored energy from the sun? After all, that’s the sole purpose of solar panels—magnifying energy to fulfill your life’s purpose to the fullest.
Heal and store energy first. You can do that by clearing the energy in your environment. Do the things that you love and make sure you’re not surrounded by negative people with bad influences as it affects the energy that envelops your entire being. You can also shield yourself from the dark forces by envisioning your body being wrapped by a protective white and purple light.
The angels also recommend scheduling a session to receive an energy healing message. It will prompt you that your life’s mission is to provide energy healing treatments to others. By doing so, you’ll be keen on getting the positive energy in your life because you can spread it to others.
As energy healing is one of your life’s purposes, it could give you satisfaction and peace. It may also brighten up your mood and provide relief.
Let your angels guide you as you dispense energy to other kindred souls that need it. Just make sure you have enough in store first, so you won’t run out of it in the long run. Here’s another thing to remember: always leave some for yourself as well.

““I have problems, hurts and worries that cannot be removed by facile words of comfort!” Yet that is precisely where the Holy Spirit asks you to let him in. Because he, the Consoler, is the Spirit of healing, of resurrection, who can transform the hurts burning within you. He teaches us not to harbour the memory of all those people and situations that have hurt us, but to let him purify those memories by his presence… By putting at the top of the list the thing that really matters: the memory of God’s love, his loving gaze. In this way, he sets our lives in order. He teaches us to accept one another, to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves; he teaches us to be reconciled with the past. And to set out anew.”
Pope Francis

To Jane: The Keen Stars Were Twinkling
by Percy Bysshe Shelley
     The keen stars were twinkling,And the fair moon was rising among them,        Dear Jane!     The guitar was tinkling,But the notes were not sweet till you sung them        Again.     As the moon’s soft splendourO’er the faint cold starlight of Heaven        Is thrown,      So your voice most tenderTo the strings without soul had then given        Its own.     The stars will awaken,Though the moon sleep a full hour later,        Tonight;     No leaf will be shakenWhilst the dews of your melody scatter        Delight.     Though the sound overpowers,Sing again, with your dear voice revealing        A tone     Of some world far from ours,Where music and moonlight and feeling        Are one.
“To Jane: The Keen Stars Were Twinkling” by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Public domain. (buy now)

Control over your eating habits?


The tarot card of the day today is the Four of Pentacles.
The Four of Pentacles represent the need to have complete control over the things that go on in your life.
When you have things all under control, it makes you feel safe and secure. When you don’t have a grip on something, it can become quite uncomfortable, leaving you unable to relax and fully enjoy your life.
The message that the Four of Pentacles is bringing you today is to take back control over the things in your life that you can. Perhaps your eating habits haven’t been the greatest lately, and you need to take back control by going on a diet.
The Four of Pentacles is here to help guide you towards living a healthier and worry-free life.
Eliminate bad eating habits
Today, the Four of Pentacles wants you to look at your eating habits because chances are they are not the greatest. Even if they aren’t horrible, there’s always room for improvement. Here are some of the diet-related issues the Four of Pentacles suggest you keep an eye out for.
The bad habit of overeating.
Overeating is when you are consuming more food and calories than your body needs. By consuming additional calories that your body won’t be able to burn off, you’re putting yourself at risk of weight gain and other adverse health issues.
Undereating can make you weak and unhealthy.
Undereating is just the opposite of overeating. If you consume less food and calories than your body needs to run smoothly, it could cause some adverse health effects. Your body needs the proper amounts of food to convert it into energy for you to run off of throughout the day.
Undereating can lead to weakness and extreme fatigue, as well as several other health problems.
What an excess amount of sugar can do to your body.
Excess amounts of sugar can cause your body to overproduce insulin, which has very damaging effects on your arteries and heart. Having the bad habit of consuming too much sugar too often can lead to heart failure, stroke, or other cardiovascular diseases.
Consuming excess amounts of sugar regularly also puts you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes and weight gain.
Ensure the proper amounts of food from each food group in your diet to avoid nutrient deficiencies.
When you’re not consuming enough of each food group, you’re at risk of developing a nutrient deficiency. This is especially so if you’re not having the recommended portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet, which is five 80g portions a day for an adult.
People are commonly deficient in iron, magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin B12.
A diet can help you take control of your eating habits and health.
The Four of Pentacles wants you to feel like you’re in control of your diet and health. Some things in life are out of your control, and that’s okay. Just be sure you make an effort to control the things that you can, like your diet, eating habits, and improving your overall health.
Creating and planning a diet seems like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be an extensive, complicated process. Keeping a journal to count your macros can be super helpful in preventing you from overeating. It will also ensure that you’re eating enough food from each food group.
Another easy yet helpful diet strategy is to meal plan, which is where you make and portion your meals ahead of time. That way, you already know how many calories you’ll be consuming each day, and it’ll all be ready to go for the week ahead.

“We tend to think that love comes from our keeping, our fidelity and our devotion. Yet the Spirit reminds us that without love as our basis, all the rest is in vain. And that love comes not so much from our abilities, but as his gift. He teaches us to love and we have to ask for this gift. The Spirit of love pours love into our hearts, he makes us feel loved and he teaches us how to love. He is the “motor” of our spiritual lives. He set it in motion within us. But if we do not begin from the Spirit, or with the Spirit or through the Spirit, we will get nowhere.”
Pope Francis

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