Topless Turtle


I gave up my shell while with my family


Under my shell, I’m

vulnerable; to fam’ly,

speed, criticism…

(willing to trust, anyway…)

We Made It to London





car, plane, taxi, hotel, room!

day to night to day!



Family Treasures in the ‘Litz


grand kids, grand vistas

natural parents, fresh fruits,

bike paths, hot pancakes!

Shouts and Whispers


patches, shouts, turns, leans,

tip-toes topped  with whispers,

whiskers, wrinkles, whimpers

Matriarch Addiction


Diane Smith Brown and Ron Smith


inherited from

mom, grandma, father, brother:

a need to feed-care!

Thunder Brows

Johninthe 70'sposterized.

John Poland in the 1970’s (posterized)


Father Bonaventure 1961 (John Poland)


tonsure sure, brows shy

and then thundering ten years

later-at the world!

Chat with Nepal

inSandVan der Merwe

sand “A” by Andrew Van der Merwe


yesterday I chatted with a teacher in Nepal

who was delayed when a river flooded its banks

and she was stuck waiting, but found comfort talking with me

using her portable battery and smiling at how

inspiring her toddlers are each day!

fb made it happen;

delighted me with its translation!

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