Jeanne’s Published Books


Simultaneous Contrast - Poetry photo book

Simultaneous Contrast | Jeanne Poland & Sid Freeman | Poetry

An Illustrated Poetry Book, This book is a collaboration between 2 Calligrapher/Illustrators. One West Coast and one East Coast. , January 26, 2012

Duet - Poetry photo book

Duet | Jeanne Poland & Quenby Poland | Poetry

Photos and Poems, Mother poet and Daughter photographer celebrate their passionate views in this earthy collection of vibrant close-ups. Digital lenses and diligent verses combine in this aria to the brightness of a…, March 7, 2012

The Natural Kingdom - Poetry photo book

The Natural Kingdom | Jeanne Poland & Owen Poland | Poetry

In the Woods in Austerlitz, From 3000 snaps of the shutter to sixty prime views of a crystalline way of life in a thriving family nest. A spectacular collaboration of mother and son, both artists among a tribe of gifted creat…, April 2, 2012

The Colors of Marrakesh - Poetry photo book

The Colors of Marrakesh | Jeanne Poland & Quenby Poland | Poetry

Photos & Poems, Startling visions of desert days and evenings echoing time’s colors and spices. Seen by Quenby, captured by her Canon camera and immortalized by her Mom to capture the passion of this wild and cult…, May 9, 2012

Flourished Calligraphy  @  the Sedona Library - Arts & Photography pocket and trade book

Flourished Calligraphy @ the Sedona Library | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

A Notebook, A stunning exhibit of the work of the Calligraphers at the Library in Sedona, Arizona., June 29, 2012

Paintings & Poems - Poetry photo book

Paintings & Poems | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

Wow! Seventy two years of vibrant colors on a field of visions! Opulent, moving encounters pulsing with the grandeur of nature’s infusion! Enjoy this complimentary preview. Jeanne Poland , August 19, 2012

My Tribe - photo book

My Tribe | Jeanne Poland

September 28, 2012

Short Poems - Poetry photo book

Short Poems | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

Descr., January 6, 2013

ABCdarians - Poetry photo book

ABCdarians | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

Descr., March 4, 2013

Riddles - Arts & Photography photo book

Riddles | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

I have collaborated with Catherine Johnson, Sarah Hutchinson and Francesca Joyce on “Riddles” for young children and their parents. Then sprinkled the pages with heart warming photos by my talented…, May 29, 2013

Tongue Twisters - Arts & Photography photo book

Tongue Twisters | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

These poems and photos play, dance and rhyme. They are punctuated with giggles. Using the InDesign program with a Blurb Template speeds the combo on to spotlight family and friends in twister mode…, September 21, 2013

Haiku Patterns - Poetry photo book

Haiku Patterns | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

This Photo-Poetry book showcases photos of friends and family printed with 17 syllable haiku’s. Over 500 poems can be viewed on . , December 29, 2013

Children Without TV - Poetry photo book

Children Without TV | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

Descr. How children live without TV, boom boxes and cartoons for breakfast… from birth to 5 years of age; sharing with pets, the outdoors and all the neighborhood critters. Even spiders get counted., March 28, 2014

Easy-Peasy Electronics - Poetry photo book

Easy-Peasy Electronics | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

From pages to photos to links in the cloud. A collection of poetry and images of electronic publishing., June 28, 2014

My Media - Arts & Photography photo book

My Media | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

Selfies with five and three year olds morph infinite distortions. Grab a giggle with them as they explore media on mobile tablets. , August 8, 2014

Definitions - Poetry photo book

Definitions | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

Haiku definitions and photos depicting family, friends, insights and phenomena in Jeanne’s life. Illustrations and poems to tickle the fancy in in Design and Blurb. , October 13, 2014

The Roller Skating Ant - Comics & Graphic Novels economy magazine

The Roller Skating Ant | Jeanne Poland | Comics & Graphic Novels

Graphic novel showing the ant, Knees, as she struggles to use her talent among the others in the colony who call her a freak. She is born with roller skates in place of feet, and learns to be at ho…, October 23, 2014

The Traditional Picture Book-Morphed - Arts & Photography photo book

The Traditional Picture Book-Morphed | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

This picture book morphs from traditional structure to contemporary photo stream and Image Effects. The images show Halloween sets and morphed portraits at a Highlights Foundation Workshop for illu…, November 5, 2014

Definitions 2 - Poetry photo book

Definitions 2 | Jeanne Poland | Poetry

Haiku Journey with Illustrations: Macro Zooms to stimulate and satisfy- identify and grab., January 22, 2015

Definitions 3 - Arts & Photography photo book

Definitions 3 | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

By Jeanne Poland Print Book, 68 Pages of Endearing Photos of Family & Friends With Haiku, Created with InDesign Publish date: May 18, 2015, May 18, 2015

Fox - Fine Art photo book

Fox | Jeanne Poland | Fine Art

A Gallery of Fox Portraits, This picture book displays multimedia paintings of wild and tame foxes. Fifty words of rhyming verses accompany the art work. Showcased are many months of research into the taming of wild foxes. T…, March 9, 2016

Calligrams - Arts & Photography photo book

Calligrams | Jeanne Poland | Arts & Photography

calligraphy pictures for the lyrical and discerning, On my travels through Arizona, Italy, South America and New England, I have gathered data on the culture of indigenous and the newly settled. Then using chiseled tools and black ink from China have…, August 1, 2016

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