What’s up at the feeder?


Owls are amazed as

we;  while finch peck each other –

fight for seeds ‘n perch!

heat signature

Psychedelic Emily

iPad filter on Emily


a snake threatened wrens:

I sssssss’d at him; he read heat-

slithered off elsewhere



Don is a marine


Jeanne is Hummingbird

Don is a marine

He bivouacs



(Salamander style)

Jeanne is hummingbird

She flutters

Flies forward-reverse

Sonars where to sip the nectar 

Dips her beak 

Carries fecundity to babies

And comfort to the frail

Pads the nest 

Near the bivouac

Grounded in the rough

A tough acclimating forager.

Is life becoming a video game?


Koessler’s Watercolor of a character wearing his grandmother’s teeth as a necklace (talisman)

a video game?

I have no cables

direct my own integration

arrange my own hero and villains

appear in technicolor

age gracefully

have only 20 digits

my plot is unfolding in eternity

glamour is not my soul’s breath

Climate Change Hazards

Today a squirrel arrived intent on the bird feeder and 2 aerial troopers knocked him off balance and he hasn’t returned to the deck! The gold finches, doves, bluebirds, purple finch and a host of other birds have made my deck their refuge. They’re defending it against snakes and rhodents!

The Vibrant Channeled Creator


we’ll be watching for

rising temperatures,

sea levels,


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You never know how people read your colors…


watercolor by Walter Koessler


people read rainbows

with individual tastes-

reject or climb on…

Is your palette your life?


Neil Waldman’s Central Park



lustrous dabs of color hues

deep animation

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