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Owen on Long Island


Frank Alfredo Owen


Yesterday Owen installed a fan in his bathroom ceiling.

Alfredo guided him with a Facetime call on the iPhone.

Ingenious friends forever!


Thank you Frank Scotti for all the photos!




calligraphy by John Stevens


wing a flourish

from a heart


fly across an “O”

tap a shoulder of an “r”

and drop kite-like

deflate gently to the bottom

where “amore”

breaks the ground


( Note the harmony possible with the fine point pen, the extra thin lines, and the

itsy bitsy Majuscule letters)



the colors of february


macro petals


wrap those arms around

shield those delicates

green gathering pink

breathe deeply

Travel in a book


illustrator: Drubaker


the light shines on your face

warms your nose

opens your eyes

and swoosh

you fly


new discoveries!

Culturing your friends



women before 60 too!


Kristi asked for advice on how to stop breaking her wrist:

I shared:

dear Kristi

I have broken my wrist 3 x and now I’m 78 and not falling again.

I had to live with 2 fingers only and ended up using my elbows.

What I’ve done to have mobility:
1 had the podiatrist and Medicare fit me for molded shoes (fiberglass) and leather to allow maximum balance to every surface. Once a year prescription.

2 I purchased a Hurricane and use it every time there are steps with no railing. It gives me a fulcrum to stabilize.

3 When I stand from sitting or bed, I pause, and orient the direction toward which I’ll be setting out and then take the first step.

4 If I have to PIVOT, I do it in increments. This stabilizes my hip, knee, ankle, and foot surgeries.

5. I take calcium, magnesium and zinc supplement every night before bed.

6. I ride the recumbent stationary bike every day for 10 to 30 minutes and meditate.

7. I only speak to people face to face. Not from another room or opposite end of the house.

8 I breath deeply and focus to center myself all day long. My 40 year old son and daughter do the same. (They’re chips off the block!)

It is wonderful to share with you, kristi holl.

Love your blog,
Jeanne Poland

we thrive in Italy

Dana&daughterin Italy2019

Dana and daughter in Italy


land of family


open hearts

fresh food

artistic genius

scientific discovery




JeanneOnOxygen2019selfie of Jeanne and her supplemental Oxygen


while in hospital

I purified myself

of alpha-lipoic acid

which eases wrinkles away

so they came around to smile.

My crooked teeth began to recede

as I ground the poor caps.

They smiled with the oxygen too;

it energized them.

Finally, my eye lids grew puffy.

Turmeric relieved the swelling.

But before I got home,

they smiled too.

My whole face

my whole body and soul

smiled with oxygen

and the ability to breath well!

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