Pa-dum, Pa-dum


For Cynthia who had a heart attack on Halloween…

I came down ,
in flurries

Spell check
left me be

Children waved
their arms..made angels

for innocence

And then
they rolled me

Into bellies
with carrot noses

And patted

To store
humongous balls

To throw
at friends

To sting
their cheeks

necks with cold

A tease
that pinkened nose

And lips
and cheeks


We all
had cocoa

And made
a truce

To warm
each other’s hearts

The showgirl
witnesses that

With her
hat, scarf and smile

For hearts
can stop.

Then heal;
and beat again

Their quiet
knowing beat

Pa-dum, pa-dum
Breath in and out

Pa-dum, pa-dum
first cold; then hot.

Pa-dum, pa-dum.

Definition #275 William Shakespeare

Photo by Jeanne

Photo by Jeanne

A laughable smile

on scrubbed bristly beard

open to compromise

frames bated breath

for, after all,

love is blind

and all that glitters is not gold…

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare,  gives us the words laughable, scrubbed, and compromise, and the phrases bated breath, love is blind, and all that glitters is not gold.

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