Enrico Caruso


illustrator: Zafouko Yamamoto

finger painted on

a tablet: angelic cloud

of stars-rays above

Enrico Caruso once said, “[A great singer needs] a big chest, a big mouth, 90 percent memory, 10 percent intelligence, lots of hard work, and something in the heart.”
His records inspired thousands of people to buy their first gramophones, and his were the first records ever to sell more than a million copies. It can therefore be argued that Caruso’s voice was responsible for the beginning of the musical recording industry.

Definition #234 Aria

Lauren and Dana DeLoca

My nieces: Lauren and Dana DeLoca

classic rhythms pulse

orchestral crescendoes wave:

nieces harmonize!

“Writing is a performance, like singing an aria or dancing a jig” —Stephen Greenblatt

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