Making Love



Making love in Spring is “certain”!
Try it hanging from a tree, squirrel-y.!
Rabbit it in jumps in grass!
Pumping in a flash: gray and fur-y.!

“making” by Jeanne Poland

First Day of Spring


photo by J Byron Schachner

orange and turquoise

nature’s symphony: blue sky

with gold sunflowers


Neil Waldman

illustrator Neil Waldman


by Andrew Gent

Every poem has been written before
at least fifteen times.
Every song
sung better.

The Neanderthals discovered caves
already painted with the story of their lives.
They invented fire
over and over again.

And you & I
whisper the same sweet nothings
we were born with.

“History” by Andrew Gent from Explicit Lyrics. © The University of Arkansas Press, 2016.

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