Individuals on the spectrum


DONinPhotoBooth5-2016 copy.jpg

Don in Photo-booth


Photo on 2009-12-24 at 13.25 #2

Don and Jeanne in Photo-booth


Are you in Wonderland with Alice?


on an i-Mac with

Photo Manipulation Apps?




Owen in 2008


from Fredrik Bachman
Brett Marie Was Here

“All passion is childish. It’s banal and naive. It’s nothing we learn. It’s instinctive, and so it overwhelms us. Overturns us It bears us away in a flood. All other emotions belong to the earth, but passion inhabits the universe.

That is the reason why passion is worth something, not for what it gives us but for what it demands that we risk. Our dignity. The puzzlement of others and their condescending, shaking heads…..

sometimes our souls are catapulted off the floor” and passion stops all our pain as we yell and yell and yell…

Maps and Graduations


letting it go!


Maps and Graduations


time to navigate

to the luncheon

Google map shows 2 addresses-

phone for info

then Google map leads to a dead end

for the graduation

phone for Apple map


then try to find handicapped route through the mud and rain

Don leaves me in the car

with no car key


Rescued by my daughter’s texts

emotional support from i-Messaging


daughter GPS

gives me courage

what a great family I have

graduating all from chaos to emerging disparate master plans!

start ups: all of us!


Horse Context


art by Rama Dixit


riding side saddle

seen in the twist of the leg

but where is the second leg?

shoulders face front

so how is the left knee facing sideways?

rider looks down

so the horse must be leading the way

diagonal knees bent

shows horse’s trot

pony tail mirrored

in rider and horse:

always bouncing forward!


Gold glows


the delectable use of gold ink by Andrew Van Der Werhe


may not shimmer

like gold leaf


may not shine

like polished sheen


but the glimmer

for the winner

sparkles nonetheless

Why Grandma’s hem has to touch her ankles


art  by Elizabeth Rose Stanton


some of the grands are still crawling

and they need to grab the nearest Nana fabric

to chew on

while other delicious scents can brush the lace

and call over the pets

to the cookie jar

the pumpkin pie




nana feet



essence of comfort!

Split the reflection


painting by Neil Waldman


play God:

split the reflection

layer the birch trunks

under the fall leaves-

and above the dots of moonlit dapples

and the deep black ground

above the edge of blue water

and white trunks

diminishing dots of ghostly waving trunks

subdued orange reflections

blue shadows

and that deep black ground reflected at the bottom

another black hole of possibilities


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