Definition #273 Song

sing sing a song

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

sung lyrics for my poem portrait song video

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Checking out the time-share

Koesslersketching away

“Sketching Away” by Walter Koessler



toothy smile welcome

lends an entourage access

fantasy awaits.


Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child

This is the most soothing experience even at 77 years old

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

This is the Owen that Annika HOLDS She deletes another. This is the Owen that Annika HOLDS
She deletes another.

The five year old knows the iPhone camera
and her Dad
his kindly looks
smile wrinkles
Good Nights
Good Mornings.

Please enjoy this music from the Sweet Honey In the Rock Sisters

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speed captured



light a blur

shadows stretched

ghost cheetah prowls his tundra.


(I have pre-ordered this book from Amazon)

Van Gogh


Van Gogh’s only painting sold while he lived (Red Vineyard)


red pops out

grabs your eye

then your purse:

cherished treasure


Melancholy by AlbertGyorgy

Sculpture by Albert  Gyotgy


If eyes are the windows of the soul-

this is what melancholy

of the soul looks like.






The ultimate work of art


Grandparents (first time)


Waldman Lovers Painting

this is the painting of the (Lovers)

who made the child

who made the grandchild

work of art:

the most animated

work of them all!



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