Archetype 36

owl 36

sonar spotlight


a whoosh of white wings

while darkness blankets the snow-

owlets wait at home


Archetype 35

owl 35

the sun slants in


shade my eyes from rays

hear the squeaks on Donald’s wings

predatory quest

Archetype 34

owl 34

radiant white on white


black and white: formal

full wing span glorious form

smart head turn salute!

Archetype 33

owl 33

Moonscape for Barn Owl


No chip on his wings:

but a moon wink to bless the

barn owl’s happiness

Archetype 32

owl 32

each of us has a perch


we watch, choose, fly to

our love object: embrace bliss

and guard that coming!

Archetype 31

owl 31

spots, dots, filaments


lemon sculpted dots

highlight gentle curves of owl

time to burrow in

Archetype 30

owl 30

hug descending


snowy owl swinging

ready to hug you tightly

feather your pink cheek!

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