Christ brought enlightenment…


Watercolor by Renee Tulippe

“Jesus says He came to bring “sight to the blind”. It is striking that throughout the Bible, before Christ, the healing of a blind man never appears, never. It was indeed a promised sign that would come with the Messiah. But here it is not just about physical sight, but a light that makes one see life in a new way. There is a “coming into the light,” a rebirth that happens only with Jesus. If we think about it, that is how Christian life began for us: with Baptism, which in ancient times was called precisely “enlightenment.” And what light does Jesus give us? He brings us the light of sonship: He is the beloved Son of the Father, living forever; with Him we too are children of God loved forever, despite our mistakes and faults. So life is no longer a blind advance toward nothingness, no; it is not a matter of fate or luck, no. It is not something that depends on chance or the stars, no, or even on health or finances, no.
Life depends on love, on the love of the Father, Who cares for us, His beloved children. How wonderful to share this light with others! Has it occurred to you that the life of each of us – my life, your life, our life – is an act of love? And an invitation to love? This is wonderful! But so many times we forget this, in the face of difficulties, in the face of bad news, even in the face of – and this is bad – worldliness, the worldly way of life.”


Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is like a rambunctious kid. He has a strong desire to go outdoors and play, and he is always getting himself into trouble and odd circumstances, as well as daydreaming about where he could go next. He never comes home for dinner on time, and he never tells anybody where he’s going. On the other hand, he’s so endearing and idealistic that it’s easy to overlook his flaws. He is easygoing, enjoys being the center of attention, and is a trailblazer in a variety of fields.
This card may also represent communication from afar concerning a trip, a relocation, a new job, or anything philosophical or spiritual. It’s also linked to a time of acclimating to a new environment, as well as fresh disclosures and inventions. This card represents someone full of enthusiasm and can get things going. They may, however, be bullies or throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.
The Page is an indication that you will get excellent news from or concerning a young person. If the card is describing you, it means you have limitless energy, a strong sense of loyalty, and love learning. It may also be a sign of fresh beginnings, such as a new project you’ll be starting shortly or some kind of discovery.
Fear Is The Mind Killer
We’re standing in a desert in the Page of Wands card, with just three tiny hills to break up the monotony. The page himself is before us, a young boy dressed in bright orange, red, and yellow. His cloak and sweater are both yellow, and he wears a white cap with a big red feather on his head. Even his feet have a flaming appearance, with the pieces of cloth hanging from them like little flames. He has a large wand/staff in front of him, and he seems to be gazing at it in amazement, studying it, and contemplating what he should do with it.
This little boy’s most obvious characteristic is his enthusiasm. Every minute of the day, he finds something to do, and he is very passionate about each of them. He’s also the child who comes up with innovative answers to issues; he won’t think about it for long, however, and will just stick to his plan once he’s devised it. The Page would participate in every activity he could get his hands on, and he would walk into each one with his head held high.
The Page of Wands may be asking you to make the same choices as this little kid would. The Wands suit is all about taking action. Consider if you’ve been spending too much time preparing or thinking about things. Maybe the Page is telling you it’s time to dive right in! Given his degree of enthusiasm, the Page may be advising you to find that same amount of excitement in your own life.
Here are some questions to consider while deciding what the Page of Wands card means to you. Is there anybody you know who likes the Page of Wands? What lesson might this person be attempting to teach you? Do you need any of Page’s characteristics? Are you sure of yourself? Inspired? Excited? What good things will come your way if you adopt these characteristics?
What Page of Wands Means for You Today
The Page of Wands has appeared today to encourage your to stay strong in the face of insecurities. When you get that shaky feeling in your body that tells you to be afraid, allow it to move through you without trying to push it away. The energy of the page is that of a courageous person who has not yet fully matured. He may be convinced that he is free from fear but when faced with certain situations he may become paralyzed. Stay with the feelings in your body and the light of your awareness will allow them to integrate in a healthy manner.

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