Make room for the word…


“Here is Jesus’ invitation: God has come close to you; recognize his presence, make room for his Word, and you will change your outlook on life.  I can also put it like this: place your life under the Word of God.  This is the path the Church shows us.  All of us, even the pastors of the Church, are under the authority of the Word of God.  Not under our own tastes, tendencies and preferences, but under the one Word of God that moulds us, converts us and calls us to be united in the one Church of Christ. 
So, brothers and sisters, we can ask ourselves: Where does my life find direction, from where does it draw its orientation?  From the many “words” I hear, from ideologies, or from the Word of God that guides and purifies me?  What are the aspects in me that require change and conversion?.”
Pope Francis


The two swords represent the idea that you have two options from which to choose. Both seem to be excellent options or at least two methods to get the same goals. There is, however, a limit to how many options you may choose from.
This card is all about making a choice. Swords are about thoughts and the sort of energy needed for impassioned decision-making isn’t available while you’re thinking about two things at once. This can also sometimes indicate that you are holding two ideas or beliefs that are incompatible with one another.
The Two of Swords, like crossed swords, symbolizes conflict settlement. An equal distribution of force amid opposition. It’s a deadlock. It may mean that you are in a position to arbitrate a dispute, or it could signal that you are stuck in a conundrum with no obvious solution. You have options, and resolving this situation will most likely offer you peace of mind.
Have you heard the phrase “an unstoppable force against an immovable obstacle” before? The Unstoppable Force Contradiction is the term given to this paradox. It simply poses the question to which there is no known answer: What happens if an item that cannot be stopped collides with an object that cannot be moved? They don’t shatter since they’re both believed to be indestructible. The solution to this puzzle may never be discovered, but the Two of Swords is a compelling illustration of an immovable object.

On the Two of Swords, we see a vast ocean with a distant island, with the moon hovering over the whole landscape. A young woman in a blindfold stands in front of us, dressed simply in white and wielding two swords crossed in front of her. She is motionless, quiet, and immobile, sitting on a stone bench. This is not a person you want to approach, much less touch.
Break on Through!
This card indicates that you or someone near to you is walled off to new ideas and information. They aren’t open to life if they aren’t open to change. Yes, change may be hazardous, but life is perilous by its very essence. If this card relates to your own personal emotions about a subject, remember that life is too wonderful not to allow in. A closed mind may see herself in the shoes of the woman in this card, oblivious to the dangers, beauty, and life around her. She becomes blind in order to maintain those swords held high and never falter.
Another interpretation of this card is that it represents avoidance. The lady covers her eyes with the blindfold not because she doesn’t want to see what’s coming, but because she knows what’s out there… and she doesn’t want to see it. Avoiding an issue may be a good approach to solve it, but it’s more often than not a method to protect ourselves. Examine your own life to determine whether you are deliberately or subconsciously avoiding something.
When you see the Two of Swords in your readings, ask yourself these questions. In what areas of my life am I stuck? Is it possible that I’m obstructing these regions on purpose? Subconsciously? Is there anybody I refuse to see or speak within my life? Why? Is this obstacle beneficial or harmful?
What Two of Swords Means for You Today
The Two of Swords has appeared to warn that you could be blocking yourself in unknown ways. You could have two opposing ideas in your mind at the same time which can create cognitive dissonance and cause you stress. If you pulled this card while asking a question like “Should I do this?”, this card is a strong ‘No’. The positive side of this card is that running up against a blockage like this gives you the opportunity to find out what incompatible ideas you may be holding onto, clearing the way for a better flow of energy.

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