Praise the energy of the sun…let its light morph you… Respect the power of the sun and empower your neighbors so all will radiate love and law and light…


In front of a sunflower field, a small child joyfully rides a white pony, representing the inner child in all of us that is awakened by the Sun’s promise of enlightenment. The logical and enlightened Sun has now tamed the darkness inside.
When you draw the Sun card it indicates that wonderful things are on the way. It may be a sign of impending delivery or the arrival of something new in your life. The money you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and you’re feeling more confident and rewarded for your efforts. However, you should exercise caution since prolonged exposure to the sun may result in sunburn.
Finding the Sun is a wonderful thing since it is an intrinsically beneficial card. It denotes personal gain, success, and the realization of personal objectives and pleasure if you are prepared to put in the work to achieve them. This kind of reward requires a positive attitude. The Sun has a strong effect on anybody starting a new personal endeavor, such as marriage or starting a family.
The Three Wise Men were brought to the infant Jesus by a star. Pinocchio’s quest to become a genuine boy began with the help of a star. We teach our youngsters that they should wish on a star. Why? One word comes to mind: hope. We hold out for hope, we’ll fight for hope, we’ll put our money in wishing wells, dreaming, wishing, and hoping. Why should we strive for success if we don’t have hope? The Star card represents the essential ingredient that keeps us moving, functioning, and ticking.

Praise the Sun!
“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. When you’re not happy my skies are grey.” The words are well-known enough to conjure up a wonderful image of sunlight. And what does sunlight have to do with happiness? In virtually every culture, the two have been connected at some time. Scientists have found that some vitamins can only be obtained by absorbing sunshine via our skin and that vitamin, unsurprisingly, plays an important role in preventing sadness and keeping us happy. The Sun card gathers all of this energy into one location!
On this card, we see a huge and powerful sun with a human face. The sun’s beams radiated far and wide, all the way to the card’s edges. The child’s arms extended wide with a joyful expression on his face. A wall behind him sprouts sunflowers, and the happy child seems to have fashioned himself a crown out of the blooms!
Happiness may or may not be something you feel often depending on where you are, what you do in your life, and who you spend your time with. When the Sun card appears, though, you should begin carefully considering your happiness, where it comes from, and how much of it you have. Be open to happiness, the Sun card indicates that joy will soon knock on your door.
When drawing the Sun card, there are a few great things you should ask yourself. Where do you find happiness? Is it possible for you to be open to happiness? Should you be happier than you are right now? Are you giving yourself enough credit and appreciation for what you’ve accomplished?
What The Sun Means for You Today
The Sun has appeared today as a positive omen of things to come. Happiness is literally in the cards for you today. It could be that something positive happens today or it could be that you are simply going to be in a good mood for no apparent reason. In some cases, it can also mean that something that has been blocking your happiness will be illuminated and you are going to dissolve this blockage. It’s worth noting that both the Sun and young children like shown in the card have little to no expectation, which is part of what allows them to shine so brightly. Don’t let the expectation of something positive get in the way of your happiness in the present

“I think writing is, by definition, an optimistic act.” —Michael Cunningham

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