Does stuff make my status?


Every morning after breakfast, you look out the window across the street at the people who live there. The nice automobiles, immaculate landscapes, and seemingly annual trips that your wealthy neighbors take all make you envious.

If only you could have all these amazing material things, you’d be happy. Everything would be absolutely perfect, wouldn’t it? Or would it?
Is there really any point comparing yourself to other people to determine your social status or worth? What good do loads of ‘things’ do for you anyway? Do you really need to outdo the people around you?
Today we are using the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine to gain some insight into this question.
Won’t People Look Down on me if I Don’t Have the Latest Stuff?
You have been wishing your life away looking out of that window at your neighbors’ possessions. But, you have a life that is just as valid as theirs. Goods you own do not make you the person you are. Your value is in your deeds and the fact that you have so much love within you to share with those around you.

You don’t want to be paying eternally for some fancy vehicle just because it’s in fashion. No one will look down on you if you don’t have it.
And, in the rare event that someone does comment on it, at least your money is your own to spend on you and your loved ones on little treats and just living in general. You’re not tied into a loan to pay for goodness knows how much at an incredibly high interest rate!

How Can I Stay Happy and True To Myself?
This tension is exacerbated by the prevalence of social media. People post images on Instagram of their weekly coffee outings, exotic trips, and other ways they “reward themselves.” It causes us to question whether or not we are making the right choices in life.
It’s true that there is no issue with trying to maximize your happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a right you should grant yourself. Nevertheless, you cannot risk your financial health to compete with other folk’s shows of ‘wealth’.

So, rather than attempting to keep up with the neighbors, how can you live a life that is authentic to who you are? Block out these distractions from other people. Take them all with a pinch of salt. Rather than turning your thoughts and desires outward towards what other people are doing, focus these on yourself instead.
Your angels are directing you to ignore the very first distraction that appears in your mind regarding what you feel you lack. Distractions make it tough to give your top commitments the attention and care they need because you’re too busy constantly concentrating on them.
Therefore, it’s crucial for you to evaluate these diversions to figure out which ones you can go without. Let go of what is causing you to feel envious of those around you.

Focus on your priorities instead of on getting the latest things. See the beauty in every day so that you’re not tempted to covet what other people have. You see, you’ve become sidetracked by the ego’s attempts to derail you from your path.
To start bringing peace to the world, you must first create stability within yourself, for it is only then that you can truly help others. Aligning your behaviors with your values is the quickest route to inner calm. This involves acting in accordance with your stated values and principles.

So, take into account that one of your most essential duties is to look after yourself. Thankfully, if you consistently put in the time you need to shift your focus from other people, you will see results.
Every little bit helps, and even just an hour every day enjoying something that matters to you, spending quality time outdoors with your loved ones or even taking a class and developing your skills may provide a very remarkable outcome.

“Mary, Queen of Peace, comfort the martyred Ukrainian people and obtain from the heads of Nations the strength of will immediately to find effective initiatives to bring the war to an end.” 
Pope Francis

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