real or fantasy caricatures in my life…?





These 4 caricarutres were designed by Jeanne.

#1 Don as a gargoyle

#2 Jeanne in her Porche

#3 Data Wizard (Don)

#4 Logo for Jeanne “Quicksilver”

SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2022
“Pauline Marie Jaricot, had the courage to found a society to support the missionary activity of the Church… the goodness of the mission depends on the path of going out of oneself, on the desire to centre one’s life not on oneself, but on Jesus, on Jesus who came to serve and not to be served. In this sense, Pauline Jaricot saw her existence as a response to God’s compassionate and tender mercy: since her youth she had sought identification with her Lord, also through the sufferings she went through, with the aim of igniting the flame of her love in every person.”
Pope Francis

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