What do I do when it snows in April?


Troubling Myself with Things Too Great for Me
James Silas Rogers

For instance, the physics of red wine,
which Galileo called “sunlight held together
by water.” Sounds plausible, but how?
Or backing up a step, with the physics
of beauty itself, such as radiates
in these freshly washed Delaware grapes.
With the possible exception of a woman’s
breast, a tumbling cluster of grapes
or the globe of one full fruit
might be as nearly perfect a form
as we will see in this life.
Look at this shoulder of table grapes
in the evening sun. Know that
the old prig St. Augustine,
a too-stern and oh-so-rational man,
was right on this: it was love
that called the world into being.

James Silas Rogers, “Troubling Myself with Things Too Great for Me” from The Collector of Shadows. © 2019 Brighthorse Books.
On this spring day in 1944, three months before the family was found and arrested, Anne Frank (books by this author) wrote in her diary: “Is there anything more beautiful in the world than to sit before an open window and enjoy nature, to listen to the birds singing, feel the sun on your cheeks and have a darling boy in your arms?”

“When we cause suffering by our actions, God suffers yet has only one desire: to forgive us. In order to appreciate this, let us gaze upon the crucified Lord. It is from his painful wounds, from the streams of blood caused by the nails of our sinfulness that forgiveness gushes forth. Let us look to Jesus on the cross and realize that greater words were never spoken: Father, forgive. Let us look to Jesus on the cross and realize that we have never been looked upon with a more gentle and compassionate gaze. Let us look to Jesus on the cross and understand that we have never received a more loving embrace. Let us look to the crucified Lord and say: “Thank you, Jesus: you love me and always forgive me, even at those times when I find it hard to love and forgive myself.””
Pope Francis
Homily ~ April 10, 2022

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