Care for yourself and then focus your energies on the common good!


Dear Jeanne,

Today, your Guardian Angel Jeremiel wants you to know…

“Love yourself for the beautiful soul that you are!”

Your Angel’s Message:

This card has come to you to remind you to love yourself. You are a beautiful soul. You deserve to be happy and the most powerful way to bring joy into your life is to be joyful! You are a modest soul but you need to learn to love yourself even if it seems unnatural.

The more you love yourself, the happier you become. The happier you become, the happier you can make everyone you meet. Take time out every day to take care of yourself and to appreciate the wonderful person you are. Like attracts like. When you’re feeling on top of the world, you bring in wonderfully positive new energy. Try it and see!

What You Should Do:

Take time out of your day to focus on at least one aspect of your life you like about yourself. This may seem a bit weird to begin with but keep going with it. Your relationship with yourself is the most intimate one you’ll ever have in your life. The more you love and care for yourself, the more you can focus your energies on the greater good.

Your Affirmation:

“I accept myself and love myself just as I am!”

With Love,
Naomi Quinn

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