When your spirit is injured, seek your angel’s urgent care…

healingWhen your spirit is injured, seek your angel’s urgent care!
Today is all about healing. Your angels have been watching you suffer for too long and want you to know that you don’t have to wait until your holy day to come to them! Your angels are always standing by, waiting for you to ask for help with everything from the smallest prick in your spirit to the biggest wound in your soul.
Spiritual healing starts with you.
Just like a physical doctor, you need to consent to treatment. You can walk up to the doors of an urgent care facility, but until you’re inside and asking for help they won’t be able to treat you.
Your angels are standing by with spiritual bandages and healing creams just waiting for you to give the word. Don’t stand by with your spirit bruised, battered, and bleeding when you could be given the best spiritual care there is by your angels!
And when you consent to healing, the people around you will start to see a change in your spirit. No longer will you be broken down and hurting; thanks to your angels you’ll heal and be able to dance your way out of the urgent care, spreading love and light wherever you go!
It can be hard to let go of your pain and accept healing, but your angels are guiding you towards that end. It’s time for you to heal. It’s time for you to take a deep breath and enter your angel’s urgent care.
It can be scary to relinquish the spiritual pain you’ve been living with for so long, but your angels will be beside you the whole way, helping your convalescence and spiritual therapy. Put your faith in your angels and relax knowing that they will do what’s best for you.
Spiritual urgent care and spiritual therapy go hand in hand.
You may feel that you can wait to go to your angels with your pain, but you don’t have to and you shouldn’t. When you’ve been wounded spiritually, never wait to seek the help of your angels! They are always right beside you, waiting for you to open up to them and request help from the bottom of your heart.
In the same way that you wouldn’t—and shouldn’t—wait to see a doctor about a physical broken arm, don’t wait to see your angels about your spiritual fractures. Both will cause you immeasurable pain in the end if you don’t take care of them right away!
The quicker you go to your angels, the less of a scar will be left on your spirit afterwards and the quicker you’ll be able to resume normal life.
Spiritual therapy goes hand in hand with spiritual urgent care. Therapy can take all sorts of forms, from the kind where you talk out your problems to the kind where you re-learn how to use parts of your body. Your angels are eager to help you with both!
Talking out your problems with your angelic therapist will get you to the root of the problem, while exercising with your angelic physio-therapist will keep your spirit limber and resilient. Both involve being gentle with yourself and trusting your angels completely, following their guidance and accepting what they say.
Remember, wounds caused on you by other people are not your fault. You are not in charge of what other people do to you and you should never be ashamed of needing to heal after being wounded. Your angel’s urgent care never closes their doors and is always ready to help you heal from any situation.


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