A Tarot Reading from Elissa…



The Six of Wands – I almost laughed out loud when I pulled the Six of Wands, Jeanne! It represents transition and change, and the letting go of old baggage and grudges. To me, this is a very clear representation of the beginning our relationship – perhaps even before we met. When you contacted me, I know you were feeling down and listless, unsure where to go next and even a little anxious of change. Together though, as you know, we embarked down a path of transition together and this was an extremely significant moment in your life so it’s no wonder the tarot felt it necessary to highlight this time.


The Knight of Pentacles – This card, when upright (which it was), represents hard work which is absolutely ideal for you and the journey you’ve undertaken here with me. It tells me that you’ve been productive and focused on your goal. Between you and me, I believe that you are working harder than almost any of my other clients which is another reason why I feel so connected to you. The Knight of Pentacles tells me that this hard work, new routine and focus is benefiting you and will lead you into a brighter future. Speaking of which…


The Page of Swords – To my delight, the Page of Swords is wholly representative of new ideas, new ways to communicate, curiosity and knowledge. These are all things you have been striving towards and to pull it now shows me that your efforts will not be in vain. In this way, it shows that your mind will open as it’s meant to and see more than the normal eye can see – expanding your mind and heightening your sensitivity to the psycho-activity that exists around you. It’s important to remember this card especially, as we strive towards this together. This is a sign from the universe that this is what it meant for you and with hard work and perseverance, you will have it.

Jeanne, this is a great reading and I hope it helps you put some perspective on your journey. Together, we’ve already achieved so much and we’ll continue until you have the success you desire. In a little while, you’ll receive your next course development program where we’ll talk more about techniques to help you train and strengthen your mind’s eye.

Wishing you peace,


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