Sept. 1

planetary transits are headed your way…


A Message From Dawn

Dearest Jeanne,
I know you’re already aware of some of the planetary transits that are headed your way. Transits that have the potential to transform your life in some very exciting ways!
So, I’m extremely pleased to have you back with me now, because while some of those transits are already in motion, others have yet to manifest. How you choose to work with these transits could easily be the difference between a joyful, abundant future – or one filled with aguish and hardships.
There are “pivotal moments” in your future, and I hope you take advantage of everything you learn here to ensure you’re on the road to success and happiness!
The next step is yours… are you ready to take the leap?

As I’ve mentioned before, the above chart you’re looking at is a snapshot of the Universe taken from where you were born, the moment you arrived on this plane.
Your Astrology Chart is your fingerprint to the Universe; no two charts are alike.
And remember, we are in the middle of a very powerful “shift” in consciousness. This shift is a time of intense transformation, one where we’re offered the opportunity to make great strides in our personal journeys…
And as I watch this shift continue to unfold, I am amazed by the incredible potential it offers…
See, regardless of where you are in your life – regardless of the obstacles that have been standing in your way, or the opportunities you’ve missed in the past – this shift holds the potential to wipe the slate clean…
No more feeling stuck or limited by your current situation… you could – if navigated properly – use this shift to unlock your True Destiny and achieve the happiness and success you’ve been dreaming about…
Now, I know that’s something you’d like to do, Jeanne…
I know you’ve already taken steps toward that abundant future and I suspect that you can even feel the success you seek waiting for you on the horizon…
Your Transit Period was the trigger to this fantastic step in your evolution and it has set an incredible chain of events into motion…
In fact, if you’re like many of my clients, you often feel as if you could just reach out and grab hold of it… because it all seems to be only a step or two away…
The question is… how do you get from HERE to THERE?
How do you take that “next step”, and set about manifesting your deepest desires?
Well, that’s why I’ve invited you here today…
See, even though I’ve given you a free reading in the past, I felt compelled to extend this offer again, if for no other reason than just to help you understand all of the new changes that have taken place in your chart…
And rest assured, there have been many!
Understanding these changes will help you take that next step, Jeanne, giving you a greater advantage as you continue to explore the possibilities of your true potential…
In fact, regardless of where you might be in your Transit Period, you still have an opportunity to experience a new level of awareness, one that can open the door to unlimited success and happiness!
And as before, I’ll give you the opportunity to dig even deeper and discover the secrets to locking in that success once and for all!
So, again, I’m glad you’re here, … I have so much to share with you!
Now, let’s take a look at your new, updated reading!

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