a flaming guide for you…


“It’s time for you to release all fears and anxieties to Archangel Michael. He will help and guide you toward your life purpose!”
Your Angel’s Message:
Wow! What an exciting card-of-the-day! You’ve received this card because the giver of strength, Archangel Michael has listened to your pleas for help. He actively wishes to work in tandem with you in relation to your divine mission. You may be wondering what exactly this information actually means to you. Well, it means that if you have been looking for a focus or have been unsure what to do about any aspect of your life, you’ll soon have the answers. 

Archangel Michael offers his help to everyone and anyone who asks for it. It doesn’t matter what denomination you are or aren’t. Michael is here today to help you to release unhelpful thoughts and fears. He is helping to imbue you with a wonderful level of self-confidence and inner faith. All you need to do is to call on him and ask him for his help at any time of the day or night. Feel safe in the knowledge that you is immediately there with you to protect you always.
What You Should Do:
Ask Archangel Michael to guide your thoughts, beliefs and decisions from a place of love and purpose rather than fear. Know in your heart and soul that he is leading you to your highest potential.
Your Affirmation:
“I ask Archangel Michael to bring me comfort and protection. I make all decisions from now on from a place of faith and love”.

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