release the past; embrace the positive flow…


“Release signifies the endings of a situation or phase of your life. You are making peace with the past.”
Your Angel’s Message:
The angels have brought this card to you today to urge you to move forwards with your Angelic Plan. Think of a situation that has been playing on your mind or getting to you. This is the very things that you must leave behind you now. The angels ask that you listen to your Higher self. There’s no good to come from remaining in this  place. A phase of your life is complete.

You’ve outgrown something or someone. Your abundance was being blocked. When you put this time behind you, you’ll feel a wonderful, positive flow of pure energy. You’re saying goodbye to the old today and getting ready to welcome in the new! You might feel a sense of longing or sadness now. This is completely natural. It takes time to adjust to new situations. You don’t need to make any hasty decisions or plans. You simply have to look forward to some very positive changes that are coming your way!
What You Should Do:
Release what no longer serves you. Seek the support and company of good friends and family throughout this time. A new and positive flow of abundance is to be yours!

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