infuse the world with your light…

Your Angelic Plan for Abundance

Archangel Haniel’s Message For You Today:
“It doesn’t matter how much money, success, or fame you’ve acquired. It is about the amount of positive energy you radiate in your life. The world is filled with suffering and you are given opportunities to infuse it with your light. Just as I uplift your spirit, you can bring warmth and love to others.”

Your Angel Number For Today:
9 – Today’s angelic number supports selfless acts of devotion. Give yourself to others willingly. Those you encounter will appreciate your time, energy, and attention to them. When you lose yourself, you gain a new perspective.

Action Steps:
Become so engaged in a creative project or hobby that you lose track of time. Do you feel your sense of self-becoming immersed with what you are doing? This merge is what happens when your spirit connects with others. You are at one.

Affirmation Of The Day:
“I give myself willingly to the world, this helps me to notice my perspective twirled.”

I twirl from nuclear relationship to kibbutz

from loving one: to one with all

from conflict: to universal peace

Pledge of Allegiance:


we’re Alpha Team

Your wishes are my commands

My commands are your wishes

Under the leadership and grace

of the Holy Trinity


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