the broken…


A hoity-toity boor

full o’ malarky ‘n shenanigans
met her whirlygig nincompoop

in cahoots with a topsy-turvy ragamuffin
busy as a one armed coat hanger

or a cockamamie doohickey

of a hodgepodge afternoon.
Before sunset, 

the scalawag skedaddled off

with her pipsqueak
for a roly-poly overnighter

of razzmatazz ramshackle razzle-dazzle!



The Broken
Something is always broken.
Nothing is perfect longer than a day –
Every roof has a broken tile,
Every mouth a chipped tooth.
Something is always broken
But the world endures the break:
The broken twig is how we follow the trail.
The broken promise is the one we remember.
Something changed is pushed out the door,
Sad, perhaps, but ready, too ready, for the world.
Something is always broken.
Something is always fixed.
Alberto Rios.

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