The power of love over the love of power…


I introduced the Phoenix series in 2020, presenting each class around the cosmic, archetypal and personal significance of this era of transformation that is truly governing our lives. In this Reflections series, I am continuing that rich Phoenix theme of transformation, shifting our attention in this series from the world around us to the intimate details of our personal lives. Now we will explore the transformational power of love from the personal expression of love to the mystical.

Love, as we will discuss, is a power – perhaps the greatest power that we have to give to one another. Love is capable of restoring a person to the threads of life, to inspiring a person to want to live, and to giving someone (including ourselves) the capacity to endure the unendurable. Love is no ordinary force. Indeed, love is more than love; it is an expression of the life force itself. We have named the life force “love” because love is the most blissful, joyful emotion in the spectrum of human sensations.

Perhaps that is why we have a mysterious relationship to the power of love. Love is a force that transforms us – and others. Love can lift us out of despair and depression or, conversely, when love is removed from our lives, we are plunged into the depths of darkness. In the sharing of even the smallest amount of love with another person – friend, family or even stranger – we immediately witness a transformation take place. Perhaps that love opens a channel for hope to flow into someone’s life or joy. It doesn’t take a great amount of love to make a difference but withholding even the slightest amount can be devastating.

And therein is hidden the mystery of love’s great power. We know how powerful love is – and we fear this awesome force as much as we need it in our lives to thrive, to humanize us, to feel alive. We fear being loved and loving “too much” for fear that we will be broken in two should love evaporate from our lives. Love is no ordinary power – it is a force of life itself.


Seven sessions – February 24 – March 11

Love is a power – the greatest power we have. It is a power we fear because love can, and will, transform the world around us if enough people are willing to embrace the transforming and healing power of love over the love of power. 
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