suffer in beautiful language


Langston Hughes suffers in beautiful language…

He wrote 16 books of poetry,

20 plays,

10 collections of short stories,

a couple of novels,

children’s books,

radio scripts,


and even song lyrics.


I’m so tired of waiting 
Aren’t you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind? 

Hughes’s words are simple—“beautiful,” “kind,” and “good”—but they also convey a romantic air. There’s a soft mood to his words, despite the horrors he alludes to. The reader can imagine looking out at the world’s troubles, huddled inside a bubble, disappointed and wondering when things will look less bleak. Hughes’s words can decorate this little bubble creating a tragic but beautiful scene. After all, we all feel tired once in a while. 

Between the relentless news cycle, easy access to social media, and rampant burnout, it can feel like the bad news just piles on, leaving no time to process.
Hughes’s career took off during the Harlem Renaissance. A lover of jazz, he used the music’s rhythm and diction to shape his poems, creating a song and word mix. Jazz poetry suited him as he rejected the classical approach to poetry,

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