against the earth’s sweet flowing breast


watercolor by Will Hillenbrand


I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Dear Ones,

This is an extraordinary moment in time, our lives, our histories. And her stories. The coronavirus has stopped us in our tracks—many of us are sheltering in place, many of our events have been cancelled. Many businesses are shut down. Life as we came to know it has shifted dramatically. We’re all being affected either by how we are physically feeling (some of us are not well), lack of childcare, being told to stay inside. There are countless ways life has changed. And we can meet this moment with grace, wisdom, calm. And without turning to food for comfort!

This kind of major world-event can induce panic and panic can induce old patterns from childhood: the sense of not getting or having enough, and therefore wanting or needed to hoard whatever is hoard-able. (Of course, just like a chocolate sundae doesn’t cure the deep-seated loneliness, hoarding or bingeing doesn’t cure anything. You could have a closet full of chocolate — or toilet paper:) — and still be anxious, scared, panicked). So it’s only normal, only natural that these patterns come up now during this highly charged time.

On Saturday, April 11th, I will be doing a free call during which I’ll be speaking about many patterns and behaviors—becoming aware of what’s not helpful and what is helpful right now. Here is a partial list of what I will be addressing:
Not blaming yourself is crucial. Disengaging from that inner judge. Now.
If you haven’t been practicing kindness, it’s not too late. You can live as if you know what kindness is.
Remembering (by listening) what your body wants, needs. If you don’t know, you can start now. Nourishing foods. Hot foods. Foods that give you energy, rather than take it away.
Becoming aware of—and questioning—old voices. Old patterns. “You are unworthy.” “You will never get or have enough.” “You are unlovable.” “You’ve blown it and now there is no going back.”
Naming and normalizing the feelings that are passing through. Allowing everything that is here without getting swallowed up by scary stories about it.
Taking time every single day, many times a day to see what’s good. What you already have enough of.

This Extraordinary Moment:
Compulsion and Kindness in the Time of Corona
Date:  Saturday, April 11, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM US Pacific Time
To find your local time, use this TIme Zone Converter


I’d love to hear from you before Saturday with your questions and anything else you’d like me to address. I will read them all and do my best to answer them. Send your questions to me at:

Please join me on Saturday. I so look forward to connecting with you. 

With love,
Geneen Roth

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