Bird Defender


parent dove knocks squirrel off the railing of my deck



baby dove looks me in the eye to ask for my protection


The animals have recruited me to defend their refuge,
my deck.
They bath in the puddles on the table,
perch at the feeder
babies scrounging on the seeds fallen below.
The acrobatic movements through the hanging plants mesmerize.

Then squirrel arrives.
on the railing.

Eyes on the seeds and birds, tail twitching.

Parent dove sweeps down, knocks him on the ground.

From the house, I spy a deer watching.

Squirrel returns

And I advance to the door.
He exits quickly.

All of us watch.

Protection is shared.
Size is honored.
Appetites are sated.
Baths are shared.

Extremes addressed for the day
on my deck
on the hill
on nature’s stage.


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