Definition #113 TSA

When I traveled in October,2016, to Salt Lake City, all these commandments were fulfilled by Southwest Airlines and the Albany and Salt Lake City TSA personnel!

The Vibrant Channeled Creator

Ma'am, I'm going to have to pat you down........ Ma’am,
I’m going to have to pat you down……..

Homeland Security’s Ten Commandments

1 Honor the travelers. They are not suspects.

2 Assign one agent only to wheelchair travelers. He or she shall face the traveler at all times.

3 If a carry-on needs to be examined, it should be viewed with the traveler seeing all contents with the agent.

4 No medical supplies will be handled by said agent, including all prescription drugs, supplements, dietary supplies, water and whole foods carried on for the journey.

5 The boarding and security pass rendered by the Airlines shall be honored by TSA. There will be no “pat downs”, removal of shoes, or outer garments, emptying of pockets,or other “suspect”treatments, while the carry-on is being examined. No handling of food or medical equipment with sensors or wands.

6 The traveler’s  evidence and statements will have equal weight with the agent’s statements.

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