August 11, 2011 – The Blog Begins

Who What When Where and Why?

Where is the weather?
On the roof,
In the seams of the house,
Pounding on the barn,
Blowing the horse’s tail.

What is the weather?
Wind and rain,
Sun and heat,
Frost and snow,
Lightning and thunder,
Cooling breezes.

When is the weather?
Night and day,
Before and after the planet,
From chaos to seasons.

Who is the weather?
The Northern Ice Queen,
The Tropical Rain Man
The Blustery Windstorm,
The Balmy Sweet Fairies.

Why is there weather?
To reign above us.
To rattle our bones.
To keep us predicting.
To humble us with its magnificence.

Jeanne Poland

Falling Asleep

Mom puts us to bed in daylight.
Eyes won’t close.

There is lots of shuffling
Through the french doors.

I peek at my younger brother
And make faces.

My older brother shushes us
And grumps over on his other side.

My sister twists away from the valley
In the middle of the double bed.

I turn too, not to touch toes, or fannies.
And suck quietly on the edge of my pillow.

All the sugar plums are tucked in their beds
It’s time for the sandman to come.

Yum yum, sweet dreams.
Jeanne Poland 7/26/11

PS Yesterday I started a poem while driving. Another symptom of:

Blog Fever

I was bit by a bug.
My mug:
Cheeks swelling
Forehead popping
Ears reddening
Eyes tearing.
I lost sight
Of my blight.
I might
Go to ER
If I can find it
Stumbling blind.
Never mind.
You’re behind!
Who knew?
Saved again
By you!

July 15, 2011

by Jeanne Poland

Quenby's photo

What Do You See When You Look at Me?

Sweet sucking mouth
Smoothest new skin
Sloped gentle forehead
Teeny pink nails
Grasping tight fists
Dimples that pucker
Feet that flex round
Eyes that surprise
With their trusting bold stare
And smiling that tells you
It’s great that you’re there.
You’re all I need,
Bless you.

by Jeanne Poland

Breast Milk

Optimal snack:
Warm wet cuddles.

Perfect match for baby:
Hums and sings its tasty tune.

Replacements available:
Donkey, goat and soy bean squirts.

Frothy fun:
Frolicking  bone builder.

The more you suck,
The more you get


by Jeanne Poland


Ruff, Ruff!

Ruff, ruff!
Ruff, ruff!
Tough to stuff
The bark in

Jeanne Poland
Aug 6, 2011


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