Definition #58 Omniscient Love

Diane Lockwood
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by-sulkhan-gogolashvilli by-sulkhan-gogolashvilli

This poem is by Lee Upton, from her book Undid in the Land of Undone.

Omniscient Love

He was in knocking range of my secrets.
He had found kelp there,
he nested in the coral beds.
In a past life he was born
to me as a set of twins.
He was applied to me as a topical ointment.
He was a prescient code,
a secret writing shaped into flesh.
He was the fathomer I never expected,
the pillow talk of the bureaucracy,
the breeze that could carry the world off-course.
It was as if we’d always believed in each other precisely,
and even the clouds agreed,
and the dog and his bone;
every particle of language
jumped like a flea around him. He was
a pirate’s nautical exercise
and an argument for the resurrection.
He was in every seed bed
and digression.
He was bending down my angels…

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