When I Turned Seveny-five

Photo on 2-26-16 at 1.38 PM

When I turned seventy-five,
I bought central air-conditioning
a garage
red hair
bird feeders
a thule
a silver Rogue
a red lynx scooter
20 long cotton dresses
a purple hurricane
30 scarves
50 red geraniums
Christmas cactus
fresh fruits, bread and fish
Tempurpedic mattresses
and a real John Deer Tractor for my grandchildren.

When I turned seventy-five,
I inherited
my Grandma’s body type
my 60 year old mid-western mate
my industriousness
my old lady sense of humor
all my purple possessions
red hats
daughter, son and in-laws
who show middle-age wisdom
and a promise of years to come
as grandparents of

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. davidlharrison
    Jul 26, 2020 @ 10:19:30

    I love your spirit, your face, your joyful smile, the hair, and the poem. I’m glad we met at Highlights before they herded everyone into the barn. Hugs


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